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Our Head of Training and Campaign Analytics

Alecx Bagatsolon

Alecx Bagatsolon tells us why she joined The Ortus Club, why she stays, and what she looks forward to as the company grows. She’s a woman on a mission: train new hires to the best of her abilities — and theirs.

Tell us something about yourself and how you got started with The Ortus Club.

Before joining The Ortus Club, I had already built a career for myself, but I wanted to find a more fulfilling job that recognised my abilities. So, I applied and trained as a Project Coordinator, where I had a chance to prove myself and start guesting my projects after two months. I’m grateful that the company believed in me and saw what I couldn’t see in myself back then. Today, as the Head of Training and Campaign Analytics, I’m able to impart what I can do to others and find their potential.


Tell us about your role. What’s your strategy to get things done?

I am the Head of Training and Campaign Analytics, where I train newbies and help existing Project Coordinators find better ways to improve guesting. If I’m not training new hires, you’ll find me checking everyone’s data and drawing insights on how to reach their leads. Finding the balance between these two tasks is about managing my time and prioritising what needs to be done daily. Creating a to-do list helps me organise my thoughts before my shift.

Alecx Bagatsolon

Can you name anyone who has had a lasting, positive impact on your career? What did they do for you?

The young professionals of The Ortus Club help me get to work every day. These young and driven leaders considerably affect how I handle teams and new hires, incorporating them into the company culture. I want to instil in them the greatness of being independent and lifelong learners so that they can build themselves up as true professionals.


How’s your experience of The Ortus Club changed since joining the company?

The Ortus Club is a growing company. I joined the company when a transition was going on. Experiencing that challenged me to believe in myself and everyone. I never saw a company adapting and growing not solely based on the people we serve. I’m glad I stayed.


What keeps you here?

The new hires and people that I get to work with every day. It’s my responsibility to make sure that the newbies grow in the company from the moment they arrive on the first day of their training week. It’s a great fulfilment to see them grow through time, which keeps me going.


Why should others follow (and join)?

The Ortus Club provides a vast amount of opportunities for people who are eager to grow not only individually but also with the company. We believe in people and their potential, and we’re here to support them and believe in that.


What’s been your greatest challenge in the company?

Knowing when to give people a chance to show their willingness to take on their roles. Once they take on this role, they’ll be able to develop it the way they can with the things they lack. Seeing them struggle makes me want to help them even more because I’m there to guide them through their career challenges.

What’s been your proudest moment?

Nothing has ever made me more proud than seeing the newbies succeed and grow individually in the company. They are my biggest source of pride. Whenever they finish a project, I’m glad to share their success, knowing they worked hard for it.

“The Ortus Club provides a vast amount of opportunities for people who are eager to grow not only individually but also with the company.”

How do you see yourself growing in Ortus?

My primary purpose in life is to be of service to other people, and seeing others grow in the company fuels that purpose. Being the Head of Training has given me ample opportunities to help newbies build their potential throughout training and thrive in their roles. My newbies’ success is also my success. Their growth is also my growth.


What is your leadership style?

Careers are rarely a walk in the park, so I try my best to lighten the mood when days get heavy. Learning the company’s processes and roles can be overwhelming, especially for newbies. That’s why I ensure to make their experience an enjoyable one. Corporate jobs can be fun, too.


What is a piece of knowledge you consider invaluable and hope to share with as many people as possible? What is something you have not yet learned but are eager to?

Every experience is an opportunity to get better at what we already know and learn about what we don’t. People fail and make mistakes, but that’s what makes success worthwhile. Failure will always be one of life’s best teachers. Accepting defeat is also something I am still learning to do, and I look forward to the day I no longer fear committing mistakes.


What’s your favourite thing to do after work?

Call me clingy, but I like hanging out with coworkers even after work. The Ortus Club is full of young and energetic people, and I enjoy sharing that energy with everyone well beyond working hours.


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