Meet Ali Noelle Sy, Creative Director of Ortus Draws


Creative Director of Ortus Draws

Ali Noelle Sy

Through her experience building a fledgling brand, Ali has gained many valuable lessons in her role as Creative Director of Ortus Draws. From hitting the ground running to staying on top of pressing challenges in developing more efficient workflows, she has proven to be a shining example of how brands today must be led.

What makes you the best at what you do? What values drive you to perform even better?

I’d have to say it’s my ability to see the big picture in everything I do at work. I always go into things with a clear understanding of what I stand to gain in the long term. Every day, I have the aspiration to be better than who I was the day before, hoping to discover new ways to outperform myself.

I’ve also got my whole team in mind in everything I do. My determination to maintain excellence in my work is driven in great part by my desire to help my team unlock their full potential.


What challenges have you proudly overcome in such a fast-paced working environment?

It’s definitely how we hit the ground running when we started Ortus Draws. For a while, what we did was mostly trial and error, establishing this creatives-centred brand as a strong, new revenue stream for The Ortus Club. The crux of our initial challenges lay in refining our business model to firmly establish ourselves as a company and to effectively fill in the gaps in the market.

Ali Sy

What knowledge can you share with the charisma and confidence of a lifelong expert?

The best kind of motivation won’t come from anyone nor anything else but yourself. But self-motivation can be negatively influenced by external factors—criticism from others being chief among them. To maintain consistent, long-term growth, both in your professional and personal lives, you need to learn to avoid taking things too personally.

Constructive criticism exists, and it’s important to heed them more proactively and less emotionally. Once you’ve learned how to motivate yourself and accept constructive criticism in a healthy manner, you’ll soon encounter breakthroughs most crucial to your growth. You’ll also start to feel a lot better, which is always a plus.

‘The best kind of motivation won’t come from anyone nor anything else but yourself.’

Why do you stay with the company? What would you tell someone interested in joining?

This is easy: the people. My colleagues in Ortus, especially in Marketing, have been nothing short of amazing to work with. It’s true that our roles can be challenging at times but with the amount of support we share with one another, we always get the job done. Our chemistry as teammates and friends makes the hardship worthwhile.


What do you think the future holds for The Ortus Club? What role will you play in realising that vision?

Our goal is to make waves in the marketing world and setting the standard for other organisations in our sector.

Being the Creative Director of Ortus Draws, I see my fledgling brand playing a key role in reaching this goal, primarily in its functions as a pillar of executive knowledge-sharing in today’s business landscape. As I continue building and training my team of highly skilled and creative illustrators, I’ll strive to keep Ortus Draws on course towards producing more dynamic, more engaging content.


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