Meet Charlene Batongbakal, Events Coordinator


Events Coordinator

Charlene Batongbakal

Joined The Ortus Club on the 5th of September, 2022

As an Events Coordinator at The Ortus Club, Charlene brings her passion for creating impactful gatherings to a global scale. Her journey from managing student events to orchestrating multiple professional gatherings weekly showcases her growth in the dynamic field of Events Management. Charlene shares insights into her typical day juggling various event statuses, the challenges of knowing when to step in or step back, and the importance flexibility, and continuous learning in her role.

Tell us about your role at The Ortus Club and how you got there.
From working with fellow students before to working with a diverse group of professionals on a global scale, The Ortus Club gave me an amazing opportunity to collaborate and create impactful gatherings not just once a month but multiple times a week!

I have been interested in Events Management even when I was just a college student juggling both academics and organizational activities. These experiences gave me a taste of what it’s like to work with people and for people. Working in this field, I strived hard to learn the ins and outs of the job, with the mission to create worthwhile events that guests would greatly remember attending to.

Events Management requires thorough planning, coordination, and collaboration. My job doesn’t end when the event has concluded. Rather, it just creates another starting point for me to ensure that the succeeding ones will always become much better than the previous ones. In this field, maintaining relationships with multiple vendors is the key to a successful session. The more you show them that you trust them and the work that they do, the more that they’ll give you the highest quality of service that results in a successful event.

I’m grateful that this role encourages me to be flexible, creative, and collaborative. A lot can happen at each event, but gaining new skills every now and then and having the right attitude allows me to find my way out of it with ease and grace.


What does a typical day at The Ortus Club look like?

My work doesn’t always start at 10 am. Sometimes it’s 7, 8, or 9 am or anything between that. I got used to waking up to a bunch of notifications containing various questions and concerns about our events. Over time, I just got used to it and honestly, my body clock’s been set to waking up at 8 am now.

When I’m at home, I’m busy catching up with my unread emails and messages, checking the statuses of our upcoming events, and finalizing the requirements for each event before I pass them to our Operations team. Before, I was the only one doing everything all at once, and it can get messy sometimes! Now, we have Interns who are also taking part in the tasks; so, these days, my day-to-day work also includes checking on their work and assisting them when necessary. I tend to stay on Discord most of the time! Aside from it being a requirement during WFH schedules, some people tend to ask for me, so I figured it’s easier to just be there so people can just jump in and out.

As opposed to the majority, I don’t live on caffeine. Instead, I either drink tons of water, coconut water, or iced tea!


What is the most challenging part of the role, and how do you overcome it?

The most challenging part about my role is figuring out when to step in, and take a step back as well. I highly value the importance of collaboration. As someone who likes to help out a lot and loves to be the “go-to” person for certain things, I’m always open to giving a helping hand, even though I’m not very knowledgeable about the things they need assistance with. However, it’s also important to know our boundaries, to know when to take a step back and let them do the task/s because 1) it’s not healthy to take on other people’s tasks while mine remains undone; 2) they also need to figure out how to do it, and how it should be a habit for them to work on those things alone because we won’t always have someone to call to help us.

I can’t say that I have overcome this challenge because, of course, every situation differs. And there’s a need to assess each and every situation to be able to figure out the most appropriate action to take.

I assess them by knowing what kind of help they need and knowing if that’s something they really need assistance with or if it’s something I can simply give them advice on. I would also check my workload and see if I can spare a few minutes or hours doing it. Because at the end of the day, we’re working towards the same goal, and that’s to ensure the success of the event.


What’s one achievement you are particularly proud of?

I would always have this question asked to me during my 1-on-1s with my manager, and my answer would always be when an event concludes. Just like everybody else, I also work on a lot of projects, and each project has its own struggles. And to know that after all the bumps both me and the team went through, the event still ended with the guests leaving the event hall happy because of the service we provided, and the kind of event we carefully curated for them. I would always learn something new for each and every event; I would always receive either great feedback or objective criticisms that would eventually help me to be better for the next one. The journey was definitely not easy, but the destination was indeed worth all the trouble. And that’s the proudest achievement I have so far.


What do you like most about working with The Ortus Club?

Most of us in the company are in our early and late twenties, so I think it greatly helped that we have similar perceptions of the things we do and the circumstances we get ourselves into. One admirable aspect of The Ortus Club is the community we have built. Each one of us managed to get to know each other, be friends outside work, try to be there for someone when things get overwhelming and stressful, and, most importantly, everyone is always willing to give a helping hand. It doesn’t matter what you need because most (if not all!) of us would always try to go the extra mile just to help. It’s not easy to find that in a group or workplace. So I think this is what makes working at the company enjoyable and bearable.


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