Meet Denise Foz, Head of Employee Relations


Head of Employee Relations

Denise Foz

Driven to connect people and motivated to do so with an emphatic heart, Denise entered The Ortus Club to pursue her personal mission as a professional: to establish more open and communicative relationships within an organisation. As a seasoned human resources specialist, she was entrusted with the monumental task of striking a balance between advancing the goals of the company and advocating for a more wholesome Ortus experience for everyone within the organisation.

Tell us something about yourself and how you got started with The Ortus Club.


I’ve also got my whole team in mind in everything I do. My determination to maintain excellence in my work is driven in great part by my desire to help my team unlock their full potential.

Realizing that my ability to connect with people may prove valuable in my professional life, I decided to pursue a career in human resources, specializing in assisting other people in developing their respective careers. For the most part, I’ve involved myself in career counseling, resume improvement, and interview guidance. My internship at Red Cross is where I first jumped into the world of recruitment, and my role as a human resources specialist in the organisation entailed helping volunteers discover which department best suits their skillset.

The Ortus Club piqued my interest at a time when I had been looking for greater opportunities to progress in my career. After stumbling upon their blog and perusing a number of their articles, I discovered the core of the Ortus culture: a fresh, lively, and remarkably more unconventional corporate experience. Their goal-driven ethos, complemented by opportunities to travel across the world for work and interact with C-level executives, is what inspired me to breach out of my comfort zone and join the company.

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Tell us about your role. What’s your strategy for getting things done?

As the Head of Internal Human Resources, I essentially serve as the middle ground among the members of the various departments of The Ortus Club, with my role being chiefly concerned with people management. I’m charged with ensuring that everyone in The Ortus Club has the resources and tools they need to thrive more comfortably in the company. 


What knowledge can you share with the charisma and confidence of a lifelong expert?

The best kind of motivation won’t come from anyone nor anything else but yourself. But self-motivation can be negatively influenced by external factors—criticism from others being chief among them. To maintain consistent, long-term growth, both in your professional and personal lives, you need to learn to avoid taking things too personally.

Constructive criticism exists, and it’s important to heed them more proactively and less emotionally. Once you’ve learned how to motivate yourself and accept constructive criticism in a healthy manner, you’ll soon encounter breakthroughs most crucial to your growth. You’ll also start to feel a lot better, which is always a plus.

‘The best kind of motivation won’t come from anyone nor anything else but yourself.’

Why do you stay with the company? What would you tell someone interested in joining?

This is easy: the people. My colleagues in Ortus, especially in Marketing, have been nothing short of amazing to work with. It’s true that our roles can be challenging at times but with the amount of support we share with one another, we always get the job done. Our chemistry as teammates and friends makes the hardship worthwhile.


What do you think the future holds for The Ortus Club? What role will you play in realising that vision?

Our goal is to make waves in the marketing world and setting the standard for other organisations in our sector.

Being the Creative Director of Ortus Draws, I see my fledgling brand playing a key role in reaching this goal, primarily in its functions as a pillar of executive knowledge-sharing in today’s business landscape. As I continue building and training my team of highly skilled and creative illustrators, I’ll strive to keep Ortus Draws on course towards producing more dynamic, more engaging content.


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