Meet Denise Foz, Head of Employee Relations


Head of Employee Relations

Denise Foz

Driven to connect people and motivated to do so with a strong commitment to her responsibility, Denise entered The Ortus Club to pursue her personal mission as a professional: to establish more open and communicative relationships within an organisation. As a seasoned human resources specialist, she was entrusted with the monumental task of striking a balance between advancing the goals of the company and advocating for a more wholesome Ortus experience for everyone within the organisation.

Tell us something about yourself and how you got started with The Ortus Club.

I’ve always seen myself as an empath who’s adept at reading different kinds of people and efficiently gauging my perception of them. These skills have always enabled me to connect with individuals from a whole host of backgrounds and have given me the opportunity to obtain a bachelor’s degree in psychology.

The Ortus Club piqued my interest at a time when I had been looking for greater opportunities to progress in my career. After stumbling upon their blog and perusing a number of their articles, I discovered the core of the Ortus culture: a fresh, lively, and remarkably more unconventional corporate experience. Their goal-driven ethos, complemented by opportunities to travel across the world for work and interact with C-level executives, is what inspired me to breach out of my comfort zone and join the company.


Tell us about your role. What’s your strategy for getting things done?

As the Head of Employee Relations, I essentially serve as the middle ground among the members of the various departments of The Ortus Club, with my role being chiefly concerned with people management. I’m charged with ensuring that everyone in The Ortus Club has the resources and tools they need to thrive more comfortably in the company.

Denise Foz, Head of Employee Relations

My personal mission as a human resources specialist is twofold: to maintain a balance between the vision and objectives of the company as a whole and the respective visions and objectives of each of our members; and to establish clearer and more wholesome lines of communication between our people and our management, thus guaranteeing more amicable — even familial — relationships among all members.

Since my role entails creating company policies and responding to various inquiries and grievances, I strive to maintain convenience without sacrificing efficiency. Fairness and stability are the objectives I’ve established for myself within the company, and I’m driven to reach those objectives by creating and implementing HR policies that are equitable for all members and engaging with other HR specialists who share my passion for connecting people.

‘After joining The Ortus Club, I was inspired to lead, and I lead to inspire others.’

Can you name anyone who has had a lasting, positive impact on your career? What did they do for you?

The company’s different leaders at the time of my arrival at The Ortus Club were paramount to my finding my footing within the organisation. Back then, I had always felt I was merely following others, but, through the guidance of my mentors, I realised how much potential I did indeed have, found my footing in the company, and broke out of my shell to become the leader I am today. After joining The Ortus Club, I was inspired to lead, and I lead to inspire others.


How has your experience in The Ortus Club evolved since joining the company?

Structure-wise, more streamlined processes have been and continue to be innovated and implemented. All of us at The Ortus Club, both as individuals and as an organisation at large, now have a clearer professional direction, especially in terms of goals, growth, and gains. Our positioning within the company continues to evolve dynamically, with opportunities to expand and explore roles sprouting within and outside our respective teams. We’re giving more people a voice instead of a suggestion.

In terms of character, my colleagues and I have grown significantly. Everyone’s minds are more open, voices are more heard, and perspectives are more explored. The Ortus experience revolves around a profound, all-encompassing, and judgment-free sense of understanding and compassion, and we endeavor to safeguard and express the respect and admiration we have for everyone within our community.

As The Ortus Club has prospered, so, too, has my personal growth intensified. Having come from a more traditional company prior, I only knew how to carry out the very limited responsibilities assigned to me. Throughout my stay in the company, I’ve been granted opportunities that I’d never known I’d encounter and flourish in—both as a professional and as an individual.


What’s been your proudest moment?

On the very day I joined The Ortus Club and the very moment I transitioned into the HR team, I managed to establish a more welcoming community within the company. Everyone was more connected to each other, and a deep sense of professionalism and cooperation blossomed. Everyone was encouraged to open up to HR more often.

With this achievement, I’m now kept up-to-speed more with what goes on within the company, and all of us are now significantly more communicative with one another, whether it be to share insights that may contribute to the progress of our company or our respective teams or to resolve any challenges that arise and require hurdling in order to keep moving forward.


What keeps you here?

Since joining The Ortus Club, I have been making a tremendous impact, and my and the company’s growth continues to be significant. I am committed to my long-term goal of pushing myself to learn more and reach my maximum potential, and I am confident that I will exceed my own expectations.

Of course, I might not be able to accomplish this without the people who’ve fostered with me an effective and nurturing support system. Despite being in different departments and fulfilling different roles, everyone here has gained a deeper understanding of each other’s respective goals and their strategies to achieve them. Having colleagues like the ones I’ve had the pleasure and privilege to work with makes me feel less alone in what I do.


How do you see yourself growing in The Ortus Club?

As I continue to further my career, I am eager to expand my involvement with HR and connect with more colleagues within the company. I believe that there is a wealth of knowledge and expertise to be gained through collaboration, and I am excited to learn and grow alongside my peers. Working with the leaders of The Ortus Club, I can achieve this—and, in turn, achieve a clearer direction in my career.


Why should others follow suit and join the company?

The Ortus Club is THE place to be for people who want to broaden their professional horizons further. Not only will you feel inspirited to build on your prior experience and innovate more creative solutions and processes in your chosen role. You’ll also discover a more flexible organisational structure that enables diversified knowledge-gathering and knowledge-sharing and inspires mindsets to expand into the seemingly inconceivable. From my own experiences, I know for sure that the Ortus culture keeps teaching us that we are so much more than we thought we were.


What is a piece of knowledge you consider invaluable and hope to share with as many people as possible?

Hone your potential and don’t fear the pressure. In everything you do, you’ll always encounter challenges that will push you to go further. As the saying goes, ‘The magic happens outside of our comfort zones’.


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