Meet Flandra Sadiku, Strategic Growth


Our Head of Strategic Growth

Flandra Sadiku

Joined The Ortus Club on the 31st of January, 2022

Curating insightful marketing discussions that shape industry insights is the core of Flandra’s multifaceted role as Head of Strategic Growth at The Ortus Club. She masterfully handles an extensive global calendar of impactful marketing roundtables and the renowned “CMO Chats” podcast that features marketing expertise from giants like Microsoft, IBM Cloud, and Salesforce.

What are you responsible for at The Ortus Club?

First of all, I handle the calendar of marketing-focused roundtables we run globally. We have 80 events planned for this year for example, both virtually and in-person. Curating relevant and insightful topics of discussion for marketing communities is a thrilling challenge that keeps me on my toes.

Another one of my key responsibilities is identifying and approaching marketing leaders to feature on our podcast, “CMO Chats.” The podcast features insights from interested executive participants, such as CMOs and marketing experts from global companies such as Microsoft, Coca-Cola, and Google, to provide invaluable insights into the ever-evolving marketing landscape.

My team and I also select conferences that align seamlessly with The Ortus Club’s branding and strategic growth objectives, ensuring our presence at the most relevant and impactful events around the globe. We recently attended MWC Barcelona, which was so fun for our team, and we can’t wait to attend more around the world to put our name out there!


How did you get to your current role?

My journey at The Ortus Club began as a Project Coordinator, where I organised events from planning to execution. I then became an Account Manager, where I was responsible for managing our clients’ expectations and representing our team’s work. Witnessing days of planning come to life during these events was an incredibly rewarding experience.

Seating senior executives together to have a meal and discuss industry topics is no easy feat; it demands patience, determination, and hard work. However, seeing our efforts come alive in successful events and satisfied clients returning for more is one of the most gratifying aspects of my role.
The events focused on marketing discussions particularly resonated with me as they provided invaluable insights that aligned perfectly with my interests. And when the opportunity arose to oversee the strategic growth of not only our events but of the whole company, I grabbed it wholeheartedly!


What’s one achievement you are particularly proud of in your career?

One achievement I am particularly proud of in my career is becoming an Account Manager. This role not only demonstrated the trust and confidence my colleagues and superiors placed in me, but it also gave me a wider perspective of the value we bring to our clients through our work.

In this role, I had the privilege of engaging directly with clients, acting as the primary link between their needs and our services. This responsibility required a delicate balance of exceptional communication skills, strategic thinking, and a deep understanding of each client’s unique requirements. The fact that I was entrusted with such a crucial role proved that my capabilities and the values I bring to the table were invaluable assets to the company.

Another memory I fondly recall is the opportunity to serve as the Master of Ceremonies in Oslo. Travelling with my colleagues and meeting our client in person added an extra layer of excitement and significance to my journey at The Ortus Club. Not only did I have the chance to represent the company on a global stage, but I also gained valuable connections and learned invaluable insights from the marketing leaders I had the privilege of meeting.


Which initiative are you most excited about that you have planned for your department?

I am absolutely thrilled about the initiative to scale our B2B marketing podcast, CMO Chats! Our efforts in this initiative are deeply rooted in our passion for encouraging marketing conversations and gathering invaluable insights from industry leaders.

CMO Chats is poised to bring a level of exclusivity to the marketing world, granting our audience the privilege of hearing insights, experiences, and challenges directly from the industry’s movers and shakers. We aim to be the go-to source for marketers seeking a deeper understanding of the latest trends and potential solutions.

One of the aspects I’m most excited about in this project is the opportunity to connect with C-suite marketing professionals and build a vibrant community where knowledge and experiences can be shared freely. By bringing these prominent names together, we create a platform for rich discourse, enabling them to exchange ideas, tackle challenges, and explore innovative solutions. I’m also very eager to collaborate closely with our exceptional marketing team to raise the profiles and online exposure of our guests. These collaborations not only benefit our podcast but also align with our commitment to promoting thought leaders and elevating their voices within the marketing sphere.


What makes your role special? What difference does your role make in the marketing world?

My role as the Head of Strategic Growth at The Ortus Club allows me to be a fly on the wall to gather insights during exclusive marketing discussions that I wouldn’t have experienced if it weren’t for this role. This opportunity allows me to witness firsthand how executives from different parts of the world predict difficulties and innovate solutions to overcome them. Seeing the same challenge tackled from diverse perspectives by leaders across different countries is an invaluable learning experience.

My role is special because it allows me to be at the forefront of marketing thought leadership, a community of knowledge-sharing and driving positive change within the industry. It is a truly rewarding experience to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of marketing through these impactful conversations and connections.

I believe I make a significant difference in facilitating an intimate but very engaging environment where industry leaders can exchange innovative ideas and best practices. By providing a platform for marketing conversations, we empower executives to stay ahead of the curve, anticipate trends, and drive innovation within their organisations. I don’t like to think of our events as only a platform for lead generation; instead, we build bridges for our clients’ teams to forge meaningful business relationships.


What do you like most about working with The Ortus Club?

What I love most about working with The Ortus Club is the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of our industry, coupled with the incredible opportunities to network with people across the globe! I absolutely thrive in environments where creativity and strategy converge, and The Ortus Club ticks all the boxes for fulfilling this passion of mine.

The event marketing industry is almost always changing, which means there is always room for fresh ideas that are rooted in tried and tested methods—which aligns perfectly with my dream career. I don’t see myself as someone who gets stuck in a rut or does the same thing for too long, so this industry has been nothing but rewarding in that aspect. The continuous need to adapt, think outside the box, and push boundaries is inspiring.

At The Ortus Club, I am surrounded by a team of like-minded individuals who share my passion for excellence and drive to raise the bar consistently. This supportive and stimulating environment fuels my personal and professional growth and enables me to continuously improve my skills to reach new heights of success every time.


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