Meet Francine Geli, Marketing


Our Senior Marketing Specialist

Francine Geli

Francine Geli joined the marketing team during the height of the pandemic in 2020. She soon realised that in order to keep up with the changing demands in marketing and to succeed in her role, she had to act fast and be flexible with her tasks. Francine now holds the position of Senior Marketing Specialist. She is responsible for all video content, namely The Ortus Club’s #CMOChats on Youtube, and the company’s website.

Tell us about your current role at The Ortus Club and how you got here.

I am a Senior Marketing Specialist at The Ortus Club, but I started as a Marketing Coordinator in the summer of 2020. In my current role, I am in charge of the company’s website, and all video content – in particular the CMO Chats video series, and Spotify podcast.

To be honest, when I applied for the job, I didn’t know who The Ortus Club were. I was job hunting via LinkedIn at the time, and was contacted by someone who asked if I was looking for a job. The person then told me to reach out to Hannah, the Head of Marketing at Ortus, so that’s what I did. I was invited for an interview and here I am now. It just fell into place.

What surprised you the most when joining The Ortus Club?

Because it is an international company, joining The Ortus Club felt quite intimidating at first. I thought that it would be hard to fit in due to the diverse cultures in the team. But, to my surprise, the environment was actually very welcoming and the team is close, like a family. There is no overpowering feeling of seniority in our team, we all work together and you can reach out and ask questions to anyone, at anytime.

What is your Ortus superpower?

My Ortus superpower would be my ability to make things “funny”, even when I’m not even trying to be “funny”. LOL.

What’s going well for you and your team this week? Any wins (big or small)?

Personally, I am very happy with my current role and having responsibility for the Ortus Chats series. I have a lot of video interviews lined up for this month with impressive marketing professionals and CEOs from all over the world. It’s really nice to be able to have a chat with them and learn about their journeys becoming marketing leaders and what they’re working on now.

“The environment was actually very welcoming and the team is close, like a family.”

How would you describe Ortus in three words?

Innovative, connected, and collaborative.

Innovative because we always find ways to stay on top.

Connected because we all have a sense of belonging.

Collaborative because we all work together to make things great.

What’s one thing you are excited about, thinking about the future of Ortus?

I believe that Ortus will be getting even bigger soon – in terms of team members, reach, and impact.

What’s your secret talent that no one knows about?

This is not a secret talent, but I’m not sure if everyone in the team knows about it yet. I play basketball and enjoy it so much! I also like to dance (*wink wink to my Ortus fam*).


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