Meet Justin Chiu, Research Director


Research Director

Justin Chiu

Meet Justin Chiu, the Research Director at The Ortus Club. Justin joined the company after being drawn to its team-focused atmosphere and the value that collaboration can bring. His skills in research and analysis make him a valuable asset to The Ortus Club’s overall mission by providing valuable insights and data-driven recommendations to clients.

Justin’s passion for research was solidified after taking more responsibility for a project’s research that allowed him to expand his skill set and achieve significant growth. 

What inspired you to join The Ortus Club? How do you see yourself contributing to the company’s overall vision and mission?

I was drawn to The Ortus Club by the company’s focus on teamwork and the value that the team brings to the table. In my previous roles, I had always enjoyed working collaboratively with others to achieve common goals, and I was inspired by the team atmosphere that I encountered during my interview process with Ortus.

I believe that my skills in research and analysis can contribute to The Ortus Club’s overall vision and mission by providing valuable insights and data-driven recommendations to our clients. As the Research Director, my role is to ensure that our research efforts are aligned with the needs of our clients and that we are delivering high-quality, relevant insights that can help inform their business decisions.

Additionally, I see myself contributing to the company’s culture of teamwork by fostering open communication and collaboration among team members. By working closely with my colleagues, I hope to help build a strong and cohesive team that can deliver exceptional results for our clients. Overall, I am excited to be a part of The Ortus Club and to contribute to its continued success.

Justin Chiu, Research Director

What led you to pursue a career path as a research director? Can you share a personal experience that solidified your passion for this role?

I have always been interested in the world of research and the value that it can bring to businesses. Prior to my role as Research Director at The Ortus Club, I had worked in various fields, primarily in brand marketing and finance. However, I was eager to explore research as a career path and see how I could contribute to this important area. When it comes to making decisions and maintaining a competitive edge in the market, I believe that research is important. As someone who has worked in both brand marketing and finance, I can attest to the value of research and how it can motivate productive outcomes.

One personal experience that solidified my passion for the role of Research Director was when I was tasked with handling research tasks for a project on my own. While it was initially daunting to take on such a big responsibility, I was motivated to tackle the challenge and see what I could achieve on my own. Through this experience, I was able to expand my skill set and use my learnings to further progress in my role.

How does the company support your professional development and growth?

One of the ways that they support me in this aspect is by fostering a collaborative and supportive work environment that emphasises teamwork.

As part of a team, I always feel supported by my colleagues, who are always willing to share insights and solutions that can help me grow in my role. This collaboration not only strengthens our individual work, but also contributes to the overall success of the company.

The Ortus Club encourages learning and the exploration of different perspectives. Through working behind the scenes in various knowledge-sharing events and collaborating with different teams within my company, I have gained valuable insights that have contributed to my professional growth.

I would happily say that The Ortus Club’s commitment to supporting the professional development and growth of its employees is noteworthy, and I feel privileged to be a part of the team.


How has your career grown and evolved since joining the Ortus Club? What skills have you developed or improved upon during your time here?

Since joining The Ortus Club, my career has grown and evolved in numerous ways. One of the most noticeable changes is how my skills have improved, especially my ability to handle multiple tasks at once and communicate effectively under tight time constraints.

My team strongly emphasizes accuracy and attention to detail, which has been instrumental in honing my skills and improving my work output. The guidelines and standards set by the company have challenged me to be more strict with data and ensure that things are on the right track. Through this process, I have developed a greater appreciation for data and research, especially in the post-pandemic era. My role has provided me with ample opportunities to expand my knowledge and understanding of these fields, which has allowed me to contribute even more value to the company.

On top of that, my time at The Ortus Club has helped me improve my communication skills, especially in communicating complex data and insights to clients and colleagues.


What unique perspective or career experience did The Ortus Club bring to your career?

Being here has provided me with numerous possibilities to engage with different teams and gain new insights, all of which have contributed significantly to my professional development. As I’ve worked with coworkers across the company, I’ve gained a better appreciation for the contributions that each group makes to the whole.

I now understand the importance of teamwork and how each person’s input can make a difference. Because of The Ortus Club’s emphasis on teamwork, I now have a clearer picture of the company’s inner workings and how all of its parts are connected.

‘I believe that by pushing the boundaries of what is possible with data and research, we can unlock new opportunities and drive greater success for both Ortus and our clients.’

How do you see yourself continuing to grow and develop at The Ortus Club? What goals do you have for yourself in the future?

I see myself continuing to grow and develop by deepening my expertise in research and data analysis. I want to explore new ways to use data to drive innovation and growth, not only within Ortus but also in my future career. I believe that by continuing to expand my knowledge and push the boundaries of what is possible with data, we can unlock new opportunities and drive greater success for both Ortus and our clients.

To achieve this, I plan to continue seeking out new opportunities to learn and develop my skills in data analysis and research.

In the future, I hope to be able to play a leadership role in driving the evolution of Ortus’ data and research capabilities, helping to push the company forward and stay ahead of the curve in this fast-evolving field.


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