Meet Klarisse Asparen, Head of Research

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Head of Research

Klarisse Asparen

Klarisse Asparen shares insights on her career growth and why she believes The Ortus Club is the best company to work for if you’re jumpstarting your career. She’s a passionate leader on a mission to provide innovative solutions in an ever-changing environment. 

Tell us something about yourself and how you got started with The Ortus Club.

I was working in marketing and advertising before joining the company, with a more creative role. It’s funny how that’s transitioned to something more technical, where I work on research and data. I found The Ortus Club through LinkedIn when I was looking for a new environment, an environment where I could push myself to the limit and out of my comfort zone. The company presented itself with such niche branding and an exciting opportunity, which piqued my interest.


Tell us about your role. What’s your strategy to get things done?

As the Head of Research, I always ask how we can improve our services. My team and I work with processes, systems, and data daily. We are one of the foundations of support in operations, so I’m always coming up with innovative ideas.

My strategy is to look at things from a technical perspective. A bird’s-eye view helps me envision the path that we’re currently on. Thus, it helps me prepare for the tasks that I’m going to do and for my team to be ready at all times. I always stick to three words: planning, overviewing, and overseeing.


Can you name anyone who has had a lasting, positive impact on your career? What did they do for you?

Our Head of Operational Activities taught me to focus on the necessary details to maximise my work. She is the driving force behind the company because we are challenged to not only deliver the work; she also points out the processes that need to be refined. You are made to do more than what’s expected of you through her leadership.

Everyone in The Ortus Club has also inspired me to keep working and improving. These young leaders make me want to do more each day so that they receive sufficient support from my team.

How’s your experience of The Ortus Club changed since joining the company?

I’ve managed to strengthen its roots. My experience in The Ortus Club has changed so much that I was able to see the foundation built from the ground up in a more structured way. We have a lot of new policies and benefits for the employees’ needs.


What keeps you here?

I stay in The Ortus Club because I feel empowered. Being here is a great opportunity you can’t find anywhere else because you are given a role that you take ownership of every day. What makes it worthwhile is the people. The company culture is blessed with talented and unique young professionals motivated to do great things.


Why should others follow (and join)?

It’s a niche company. You can hone your skills and who you are in the process. It’s an excellent field to gauge what you want to do in the future. I recommend that fresh graduates join and discover themselves and what they want to do in their careers. Many skills you’ll use will be challenged and refined, but you’ll also gain more in the long run.

“Working with Ortus leaders changed my perspective on being a better leader. You have to validate a person’s hard work, and give importance to their value as an employee.”

What’s been your greatest challenge in the company?

Technical challenges are the most significant. You can only do so much, but you don’t have oversight when the tools do not function properly. It’s up to me to discover and identify solutions or reach out to experts who can look into our technological problems. When these things happen, delays ensue. I advocate using various tools, testing them out, and seeing which one is the best and what are the alternatives. Having contingencies in place is a great way to prevent technical fires.


What’s been your proudest moment?

Every time I see a project come through that my team helped push forward, that’s a good moment for me. I have felt it a lot since we built my team, making me proud of our daily work. It’s a fulfilling moment to know that my team’s work is valued and essential to the company’s success.


How do you see yourself growing in Ortus?

I want to obtain a higher leadership role where I can take part in giving innovative ideas and solutions. In addition, I want to work towards a future with people who will see their love for the process because this is a chance to dedicate precious time to the company’s business development.


What is your leadership style, and how was it like starting at The Ortus Club?

I have a mentorship type of leadership. I show my team the technical side of the process to help them understand the importance of what they’re doing. I want them to see the value, so they know why we have strict deadlines and how protocols work.

When I first started with The Ortus Club, I was in complete awe when they would provide me with constructive feedback. In my previous occupations, managers would be strict but did not give you room to improve. Working with Ortus leaders changed my perspective. You have to validate a person’s hard work to make them feel valued as an employee. It’s why I’m passionate about teaching my team. I want to be a better leader in helping them grow.


What is a piece of knowledge you consider invaluable and hope to share with as many people as possible?

Share and get knowledge from others. We work with many great people, and exchanging experiences is the best way to grow. Others can also learn from you. Never be stingy when someone wants to learn. Share what you know, and you’ll work with a higher purpose. I love this quote from David Ogilvy, “Innovation is our lifeblood. Stagnation is our death kneel.”


What’s your favourite thing to do after work?

After work, I love to cook and travel. Feeding my soul and tummy nourishes my soul. This gives me more control of my life. It helps me appreciate all that’s good and what’s left to discover.


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