Meet Marco Genato, Senior Content Writer


Senior Content Writer

Marco Genato

Meet Marco Genato, the Senior Content Writer at The Ortus Club. Over the last five years, Marco has honed his craft as a content writer, first in the B2C sector and, now, as the Senior Content Writer of The Ortus Club, the B2B space. Quality is his highest priority when it comes to the output he creates, and constant, tireless learning is his chief method of producing content.

What makes you the best at what you do? What values drive you to perform even better?

I’m the best at what I do because of my relentless pursuit of knowledge, which is why I believe I am a great fit at this company. My desire to become better as a writer, which entails having to develop a truly masterful command of the English language, is what sets me apart.


What challenges have you proudly overcome in such a fast-paced working environment?

The main challenge I’ve had to overcome—and have to overcome constantly—is just the sheer amount of new information that I not only have to process and truly comprehend, but have to make content out of on a regular basis.

It’s really the amount of quick learning I have to do to create substantial content, and it’s content that’s not necessarily easy to pick up. There’s a lot of dealing with foreign concepts and terms with which to get familiar and comfortable, but it’s something I feel I’m getting better at and more comfortable doing.

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What knowledge can you share with the charisma and confidence of a lifelong expert?

The Oxford comma is your best friend. Proper punctuation can make a world of difference.

Why do you stay with the company? What would you tell someone interested in joining?

I stay because there’s always so much to learn. As a B2B marketing company, it’s our job to stay ahead of trends, so, as someone whose job it is to communicate that expertise to potential clients, I myself have to stay ahead of trends from a lot of industries that I would otherwise know nothing about.
Apart from that, I stay for the people. There’s a great culture of collaboration and non-hierarchal thinking in the company that really promotes growth.

What do you think the future holds for The Ortus Club? What role will you play in realising that vision?

The Ortus Club is going to keep growing as more and more companies realise the value of what we bring, and at the heart of that is our being experts at knowledge-sharing. As the lead for event content, how we exhibit our expertise starts with me. The company acts as a bridge between our clients and their potential clients, and it’s up to me to craft the messaging that will bring them together.

‘As the lead for event content, how we exhibit our expertise starts with me.’


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