Meet Mateo Tambussi, Head of Ortus Experience


Head of Ortus Experience

Mateo Tambussi

Mateo Tambussi, Head of Ortus Experience at The Ortus Club, is an experienced professional in the events industry, based in South America. In this article, he shares his personal experience and insights on what inspired him to join The Ortus Club and how he contributes to the company’s overall vision and mission.

For future managers who want to join The Ortus Club or pursue a career in event management, Mateo offers some valuable tips. He emphasises the importance of being proactive, resourceful, and adaptable, as events are often subject to unexpected changes and challenges. Mateo also stresses the significance of attention to detail, strong communication skills, and building a network of reliable vendors and suppliers.

What inspired you to join The Ortus Club? How do you see yourself contributing to the company’s overall vision and mission?

As someone who joined The Ortus Club around mid-2022, I must say that what inspired me to be a part of this team was the company’s unique business model. I was impressed by the possibility of creating value through the creation of experiences, and I believed that there was still a lot of untapped potential for growth and expansion worldwide.

Since joining the company, my main goal has been to contribute to the overall vision and mission by constantly seeking to improve and escalate processes. I believe that by doing so, we can better serve our clients and create even more impactful and memorable experiences for them.

In addition, I am always looking for ways to leverage the skills and strengths of our team members. I believe that by empowering and developing our team, we can unlock even more potential and continue to grow and expand as a company. Overall, my aim is to help The Ortus Club reach new heights and become a leader in the industry, both in terms of the quality of our events and the impact that we create for our clients.

Mateo Tambussi, Head of events

What led you to pursue a career path in the Events Team? Can you share a personal experience that solidified your passion for this role?

My decision to pursue a career in the Events Team was mainly driven by my interest in building and leading a team that could successfully manage two of our most important variables; experience and profitability. While I did not have a lot of prior experience in this particular industry, my background working in commercial and operations areas provided me with the skills and knowledge necessary to understand the industry and the marketing area in particular.

From that point on, I knew that I wanted to continue working in the events industry and be part of creating meaningful and impactful experiences for people. I believe that this role allows me to combine my passions for creativity, problem-solving, and teamwork, all while delivering tangible results for our clients.


How does the company support your professional development and growth?

One of the things that I appreciate most about working at The Ortus Club is the fact that we are part of a fast-growing start-up. This offers me the opportunity to keep developing my professional growth and to stay at the forefront of the industry.

The company has a strong culture of challenging innovation as an opportunity, and this mindset is reflected in each of the different areas involved. We are constantly pushing ourselves to think outside the box and to come up with creative solutions that can help us stay ahead of the competition.

Working in this dynamic environment requires us to make decisions with a certain level of uncertainty, which can be challenging but also incredibly rewarding. It forces us to be agile and adaptable, which is essential in a rapidly changing industry like ours.

‘Working in this dynamic environment requires us to make decisions with a certain level of uncertainty, which can be challenging but also incredibly rewarding.’

How has your career grown and evolved since joining the Ortus Club? What skills have you developed or improved upon during your time here?

One of the biggest challenges I have faced is building the Events Team remotely, but I am enjoying the process and the opportunity to work with people from all over the world.

Working with such a diverse group of individuals has allowed us to gain different perspectives and insights, which have been invaluable in improving our overall event experiences. Despite our cultural differences, we are all united by the same objective of creating exceptional events that leave a lasting impact on our clients and attendees.

Through this experience, I have developed and improved upon a variety of skills, particularly in relationship building and communication. Effective communication is essential when working remotely, and I have learned to adapt my communication style to different personalities and cultures in order to build stronger relationships with my colleagues.

However, I see this as just the beginning of my journey. There is still so much more to learn and so many new skills to develop as we continue to grow and evolve as a team.


What unique perspective or career experience did The Ortus Club bring to your career?

One of the most significant opportunities that the company has given me is the chance to connect with partners and suppliers from all over the world, as well as top-level executives from a wide range of industries.

This has allowed me to gain a broader understanding of the global business landscape and the challenges and opportunities facing different industries and markets. It has also given me the chance to develop strong relationships with a diverse group of professionals, which has been invaluable in my career development.

In addition to these external relationships, the fact that the Events Team works closely with almost all internal stakeholders has provided me with a deep understanding of the company’s overall operations and business model. This commercial sensibility has allowed me to better understand the needs and expectations of each area of the company, and to better collaborate and communicate with my colleagues in order to deliver exceptional events and experiences for our clients.


How do you see yourself continuing to grow and develop at The Ortus Club? What goals do you have for yourself in the future?

At The Ortus Club, I see myself continuing to grow and develop by taking on more responsibilities and contributing to the growth of our Events Team. This means developing new business streams and expanding our scope while continuing to focus on delivering exceptional experiences for our clients and guests.

One of my main goals for the future is to explore disruptive solutions for our clients, and to find new and innovative ways to enhance the experiences we offer. This requires staying on top of industry trends and emerging technologies, as well as continuing to develop my own skills and abilities.


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