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Our Marketing Coordinator

Megan Yao

Megan joined The Ortus Club last February 2021. Her drive to learn
and explore new things brought her to her current role as a Marketing Coordinator.

Megan shares her journey in the world of marketing and snippets
of what her typical day looks like at The Ortus Club!

How did you end up in your current role?

I couldn’t be any happier in my current job as a marketing coordinator, where I get to wear many different hats. My role started with managing the website for the company. I mastered it quite quickly because I already knew the basics of coding. I was excited about learning how to use WordPress and improving my tech skills!

Eventually, new doors opened for me to continue learning and exploring more of the operational side of the marketing department. I have recently started managing partnerships for our events. Now, I am responsible for taking care of our virtual add-ons and moderators and leading our LinkedIn campaigns.

Megan Yao
What does a typical day at The Ortus Club look like?

Every morning at The Ortus Club starts with an inspirational quote shared by a different department. It sets my mood for the day! Afterwards, I start responding to all my messages and emails and I research reliable suppliers to partner with. I call them regularly to coordinate our upcoming events and ensure we do not miss any important details! I also assist guesting directors find the right moderators for our events.

My team and I work together on Discord, a messaging platform that’s great for team communication. It helps us feel like we are all together working at the office! At the end of the day, the Europe and Asia team get together and do fun activities initiated by our HR department. Every day has a different theme and I love seeing all of my colleagues in these team-building sessions!

What’s the most challenging part of your job as a marketing coordinator, and how do you overcome this challenge?

My recent switch to marketing operations was challenging at first. My new responsibilities include managing many suppliers for our wine and whisky tastings and organising virtual catering services. I also support our guesting directors by helping them find moderators and by creating LinkedIn ads, along with keeping all of our partner directories up to date. Although I had to juggle many tasks, I learned quickly and balanced my time correctly. I always schedule my day beforehand and block off hours where I need to focus. I’m also thankful to have such a great support system, a.k.a. the Marketing team.

What’s the best career advice that you could give to someone joining the Marketing team at Ortus?

Never be afraid to share ideas. Ideas are always welcome in marketing. We value creativity, and we always try out new things. Our weekly marketing call is a way for the team to share their insights. It’s such a great way to brainstorm new and exciting ideas for the team. We always believe that great things start from great ideas!

“It’s such a great way to brainstorm new and exciting ideas for the team. We always believe that great things start from great ideas!”

What’s your most unforgettable experience at Ortus?

My most memorable experience at Ortus would be meeting the Marketing team and my co-workers face-to-face for the first time. Since I had started in the company, I had only worked from home. I had so much fun working in person with the Ortus team and loved how the office was so lively! Everyone was greeting each other in the hallway and was so excited to see each other. It was a day full of laughter, and it was fab to get to know everyone a bit better!

If you were given a superpower, what would it be?

Omnilingualism! I want to be able to connect with other people from different countries and learn about their cultures. Knowing multiple languages would also help me broaden my perspective in certain aspects of life, which would be extremely interesting! Having this superpower would also help me in Ortus when I talk to suppliers from different countries.


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