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Head of Operations, APAC

Nikki Clanor

Starting as a Project Coordinator, Nikki Clanor joined the company in pursuit of her advocacies of development, purpose, and values. Today, she is the APAC Head of Operations, where she manages newer members and takes on more responsibilities, planning and executing entire projects.

Tell us something about yourself and how you got started with The Ortus Club.

I joined The Ortus Club in March 2021. A friend introduced me to the company, and I was genuinely interested in what they do. Because I didn’t know anything about knowledge sharing, my curiosity drove me to pursue this career. I wanted to understand what it meant and why the company offers this service. I found a company that mirrored my values and brought about purpose.


Tell us about your role. What’s your strategy to get things done?

I’m still learning and getting comfortable being a team lead. It’s exciting because I’m learning about new things each day. Mainly, it’s all about planning and executing. I serve as the team’s “bridge” to the other departments, I love to use Google Sheets, where I make a system for everything from tasks to deliverables and anything that my team needs to help them work efficiently.

Nikki Clanor Senior Project Director

Can you name anyone who has had a lasting, positive impact on your career? What did they do for you?

The young leaders in The Ortus Club. Because this is my first job, I got to see how they work with the entire team, and a bonus is that most of them are women. Seeing them perform their responsibilities and make big decisions for the company inspires me to do the same thing. So, it’s not about age and experience. Growing in your career with your grit and your capabilities.

How’s your experience of The Ortus Club changed since joining the company?

When I started, I was only doing whatever was expected of me. Instead of asking for help and collaborating with others, I always worked on my own. But now, I’m more experienced and knowledgeable. I’ve learned how to work with people. I have a better understanding of what we do. I see the bigger picture and why we do what we do. I’m grateful because it makes it easier to perform tasks, especially teaching our new team members.

What keeps you here?

I love it here because I’m constantly challenged. Every project is different, and there are many ways to approach them. Everyone around you has something different to teach you, and their input helps you think creatively to solve problems. They always have something to bring to the table. I love to see that collaboration of great minds as we all work together towards this one goal.

“Everyone has something different to teach you, and their input helps you think creatively to solve problems. I love to see that collaboration of great minds.”

Why should others follow (and join)?

If you want to be challenged and learn about operations, marketing, research, and management, join The Ortus Club. More importantly, the people you work with and their culture in the company will help you grow professionally. But, they also help you grow personally as an individual.

We’ve heard from the team that you’re an aspiring musician. Can you tell us about your experience?

I was heavily influenced by my Dad, who is also a singer. When I was little, I joined many singing competitions. As I grew older, I continued practising and slowly discovered my style. One of the tracks I love to sing is “333.” We collaborated with fans and the local music scene for it, and the way the ideas came together was similar to a roundtable, which excited me.

You can find some of my tracks on Soundcloud.

What’s been your greatest challenge in the company?

When things don’t always go as planned, my biggest challenge is how to deal with the unexpected. I never really learned how to react or manage my emotions, to keep them in check during pressure and stress. So, I want to stand my ground, find solutions, and use my time instead of being reactive.

What’s been your proudest moment?

When I stepped up for this new role, I never expected to initiate and apply for it. I knew that being a team lead would mean new responsibilities. But, surprisingly, I didn’t feel scared. instead, I found myself longing for it and reaching for it. I’m proud of it, so it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. This role led me to manage a fantastic team. So, this brings about a new purpose for me to stay and contribute more to the company.


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