Meet Raisa Becke, Project Director and Team Lead

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Project Director and Team Lead

Raisa Becke

Raisa Becke first joined The Ortus Club as a Project Coordinator. Today, she leads a team of her own as a Team Lead. Learn more about her career journey and how she balances work, life, and everything in between.

Tell us something about yourself and how you got started with The Ortus Club.

Before coming to The Ortus Club, I worked at a political consulting company. I was lucky enough to land a job related to my course, International Studies, but I didn’t see myself sticking around. I wanted more out of my career, to fully immerse myself with the company culture and fall in love with my work.

A friend recommended I apply at The Ortus Club. She told me that since I was interested in marketing, events, and talking to clients, I had the potential to grow in the company. Starting as a Project Coordinator, I found the work to be enjoyable. From getting guests and organising the event to making sure that the event goes flawlessly, I was ready to take on many challenges that helped me grow and led me to my current position as a Project Director.


Tell us about your role. What’s your strategy to get things done?

As a Project Director, I ensure that we get everything done from our client’s briefing. The events that we coordinate must be picture perfect. We want our guests to have a great time and immerse themselves in the Ortus experience. My responsibility is to organise and give our clients room where they can network and share their knowledge.

When I get things done, I understand what the client wants to get from the event. Researching their industry and current challenges helps me understand whom we are guesting. This helps us determine whom we need to contact so that they can offer our clients the information they need to leverage their business and, ultimately, share their insights.


Can you name anyone who has had a lasting, positive impact on your career? What did they do for you?

For me, it’s not an individual. Instead, it’s a community of talented individuals that have given me the boost to improve my career amidst the challenges. These are all the Team Leads and Guesting Directors at The Ortus Club. Being surrounded by young, like-minded professionals have made a difference in my mindset. If they can do it, then I can do it too.

They are an inspiring and fantastic community that helps you be more creative, perform effectively at your job, and celebrate all your achievements. These leaders trusted me, and having someone believe that I could do it helped me start my growth in this job. Growing with them has positively impacted my career, and I can’t wait to succeed in this company with them even more.


How’s your experience of The Ortus Club changed since joining the company?

It took me three to six months to get used to my role and responsibilities. However, because the company offers an upward experience where the longer I stay, the better I get, I was able to breeze through the challenges. I acquired confidence through my team’s support and, eventually, became comfortable with my position.

An important lesson I got from this experience is to learn from your mistakes. But, first, you have to acknowledge that it was a mistake and that you’ll take full responsibility for it. So, next time, you won’t commit the same mistake again. When you love your job, you’ll do everything you can not to make the same mistake twice.

What keeps you here?

First of all, the community. The Philippine team is so important to me in this company because they’re made up of mutual friends and amazing people. So, I feel comfortable having them be there for me, and we all get along.

Second is my love for my career. I enjoy what I’m doing. Working in The Ortus Club has changed my perspective and mindset to do more extraordinary things in life. What makes me work harder for future events is the positive feedback that we get from our guests. And, that makes this job fulfilling and worthwhile. 

“Growing with the team has positively impacted my career, and I can’t wait to succeed in this company with them even more.”

Why should others follow (and join)?

I would recommend this job to people who want to be in an environment where they have the opportunity to collaborate and be involved in events with different nationalities. If they value upward growth and hosting events, this is a great place to kickstart their career.


What’s been your greatest challenge in the company? How were you able to overcome it?

My biggest challenge is working with people from different cultures and backgrounds. Since we also have offices in Singapore, Rome, and Kosovo, the timezone differences can be difficult. So, my way of overcoming this is through flexibility and adjustment.


What’s been your proudest moment? How did you feel and Why?

My proudest moment is getting a 100% attendance rate in three of my projects in Q4 of 2021. Getting this number shows that I know the ins and outs of the job. I can control my projects, see if they are going good or bad, and fix them when they are struggling. I can proudly say that I’ve mastered being a Guesting Director.


How do you see yourself growing in Ortus?

I see myself working in the long run. I want to set attainable goals for myself as I work in The Ortus Club, where I can get ample rest whilst operating in a fast-paced environment. Although it’s natural to be overwhelmed, occasionally, just taking enough breaks and having that balance improves my want to stay in the company.


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