Meet Reem Elboraey, Assistant Team Lead

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Assistant Team Lead

Reem Elboraey

Reem joined The Ortus Club with a growth mindset and a lifelong passion for learning. She always strives to learn something new every day and finds opportunities to do the best she can in her work. Moreover, she wants to continue contributing and connecting with others to share the company’s culture and mission of knowledge sharing with the world.

What makes you the best at what you do? What values drive you to perform even better?

To be better at what I do, I identify room for improvement and chances for me to learn, every day. Whether it be work or life in general, I always have the idea that whatever I know is never enough and complete. There’s always something to learn from the people around me.


What challenges have you proudly overcome in such a fast-paced working environment?

’m proud to have earned new responsibilities. I was given a great opportunity to move up the ladder, but I needed to balance a lot of things. Learning how to adapt, especially when things get difficult, helped me change my mindset and improve my perspective on work.


What knowledge can you share with the charisma and confidence of a lifelong expert?

Always be kind. In my current position, I always have to deal with newbies. When you teach other people, you’ll also learn from them. As a leader, you must have a growth mindset. You can befriend your team and still be seen as a leader. Lead by trust and not so much by authority. Fostering mutual respect with your team results in better collaboration and communication.

Reem Elboraey Quote

“Lead by trust and not so much by authority. Fostering mutual respect with your team results in better collaboration and communication.”

Why do you stay with the company? What would you tell someone interested in joining?

I have always loved events, and this is an events marketing company that does it better than any other. I learn so much. I meet new people, and I receive the support I need. Handling events, I get to join discussions and masterclasses, where I learn about various industries and business practices.

In The Ortus Club, you will constantly be identifying new solutions and areas of improvement. Get into the practice of adapting and learning on the go because this is a great place that gives you the opportunity and freedom to be the best at what you do.

What do you think the future holds for The Ortus Club? What role will you play in realising that vision?

The best thing about working here is that you can drive your own growth. You’ll always get opportunities to do so. As an Assistant Team Lead, I want to spread a culture of knowledge and connect with different individuals and groups all over the world. With the company growing and expanding faster than ever, I hope that my role will enable me to manage my team better every day. I want to be a pioneer and start something new and great


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