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Roman Manuel

Roman stays with The Ortus Club because of the fantastic environment and sense of belonging he feels with his colleagues. He encourages those interested in joining the company to take the leap of faith and enjoy the ride, as it offers a unique and exciting opportunity to work in the guesting industry.

As a Team Lead at The Ortus Club, Roman is committed to giving his best in everything he does, which sets him apart from others. He believes that staying happy and competing with oneself are crucial to driving one’s performance even further.

In a fast-paced working environment, Roman has successfully handled various guesting situations by staying focused and developing solutions that satisfy both guests and the company. He believes that learning as much as one can and believing in oneself are keys to achieving success.

What makes you the best at what you do? What values drive you to perform even better?

I believe that my commitment to doing my best in everything I do distinguishes me from others. Whether it’s a job objective or a personal goal, I always give my all to achieve the greatest results possible. This approach has enabled me to flourish in past roles and achieve success in other areas of my life.

Furthermore, I am motivated by two basic beliefs that help me perform even better: maintaining a positive attitude and competing with myself. I believe that a positive mindset is contagious, and it helps me stay motivated even when things are difficult. By remaining optimistic, I am able to tackle issues with a can-do attitude and devise inventive strategies to overcome them. Furthermore, I am always striving to develop and evolve, and I gauge my progress by comparing myself to where I was three months or a year ago. Setting reasonable objectives and tracking my progress allows me to push myself to new heights and accomplish things I never believed possible. in this case, the reader of the market.


What challenges have you proudly overcome in such a fast-paced working environment?

I never knew guesting would be difficult, as it needs quick reaction to new knowledge and unforeseen scenarios. Despite the challenges, I am glad to say that I have successfully handled several guesting situations by remaining focused and not allowing my emotions to interfere.

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I was able to face each scenario head-on and develop answers that satisfied both the guest and the firm, whether it was unanticipated adjustments to an event or demands that were outside of the intended scope. By doing so, I have won my colleagues’ trust and respect, and I have maintained a high degree of professionalism in even the most trying circumstances.

I believe that my ability to remain focused and level-headed in difficult situations is a fundamental strength that enables me to flourish in a fast-paced work environment. I am able to adapt fast and find creative solutions to any problem that may occur by maintaining a solution-oriented mindset and not becoming emotionally involved. As a result, I’ve been able to generate excellent outcomes for the company while also having a beneficial impact on the team.


What knowledge can you share with the charisma and confidence of a lifelong expert?

There is so much to learn in this world, and it can often feel overwhelming to even try. Take that leap of faith and just go for it! You’ll never know what you’re capable of unless you try. It’s important to think less of what others think of you and focus on your own journey. Remember, you are the master of your ship, and you have the power to steer your life in any direction you choose. So go out there, learn as much as you can, and believe in yourself. With hard work and dedication, you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

‘You are the master of your ship, and you have the power to steer your life in any direction you choose.’

Why do you stay with the company? What would you tell someone interested in joining?

I stay with The Ortus Club because I absolutely love the environment. These are my people, and I feel a strong sense of belonging here. Guesting was new to me when I first joined, coming from a different industry, but I quickly found my footing and discovered that I truly enjoy this work. One of the most rewarding aspects of the job is seeing significant people in the room and executing the event flawlessly. It’s a great feeling to know that we’ve helped create an unforgettable experience for our guests.

If someone were interested in joining, I would encourage them to go for it and enjoy the ride. This is a fantastic company to work for, and I believe it offers a unique and exciting opportunity to work in the guesting industry. While there may be a learning curve for those coming from other industries, I can say from personal experience that it’s worth it. So if you’re interested in joining, I would say go for it! You’ll be joining a team of dedicated and passionate individuals who are committed to delivering exceptional experiences for our guests.


What do you think the future holds for The Ortus Club? What role will you play in realising that vision?

I believe that the future holds great things for The Ortus Club, and I am excited to be a part of it. The company is only going to get bigger, and I think that there are many opportunities for growth and expansion in the coming years. As we continue to develop new relationships and expand our network, I believe that we will be able to offer even more value to our clients and partners.

As for my role in realising that vision, I simply do my best. I take pride in the work that I do, and I am committed to delivering the best possible outcomes for our clients and guests. If given a bigger responsibility, I am up for the challenge and ready to take on whatever comes my way. Ultimately, I believe that success is a team effort, and I am committed to doing my part to help The Ortus Club achieve its goals and continue to thrive in the years to come.


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