Meet the Moderator, John Fong

Founder & CEO

JF & Associates Global Consultancy

John Fong

Dr. John Fong was acknowledged in 2018 by URS International and AsiaOne Magazine as one of Asia’s best CEOs. He was also recognised by EduTECH Asia with a Leadership award in 2019. He is a qualified ACLP/ACTA trainer and holds the Certificate of Employment Intermediaries Key Appointment Holder (CEI-KAH) qualification in Singapore.

Highly adaptable and thrives working within multicultural environments, John has strong language abilities and is fluent in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese. He is keen on business, finance, and operational acumen, having managed multi-million dollar budgets. He is consistently able to generate, drive, and deliver year-on-year revenue increases.

How do you typically prepare to moderate an Ortus event?
I typically start with the list of invitees to personalise the event for them. This would include going through their LinkedIn profiles and identifying possible questions they would like to be asked. I would also engage with the Host to understand their perspective. Overall, it’s about finding common ground so that it becomes a fruitful and engaging event for everyone.


What tips and tricks would you recommend for those aspiring to become moderators?

Do your research on the host and attendees in advance and have a list of questions prepared. However, be prepared to steer slightly off-topic, too, because you never know where that might take you!


Could you share some memorable moments from your moderating experiences?

The locations and restaurants chosen have always been good choices and have added to the “wow” experience and created great memories!


In what ways has moderating contributed to your growth as a leader in your field?
My LinkedIn followers have grown, and being a moderator has expanded my network to other industries too.


What are some of your hobbies and interests outside of moderating?

Travelling and Scuba-diving


What advice would you offer to aspiring moderators?

Do your research in advance, but moderate the event with an open mind!