Meet Vincent Romey, Market Development Director


Our Market Development Director

Vincent Vaughan Muhlfeld Romey

Vincent joined the Ortus family in 2021 excited for the future and hungry for knowledge. A year later and his appetite for learning is greater than ever. 

As a Marketing Development Director, Vincent is always on the lookout for new markets to tap and new companies to partner with. Entering his second year at The Ortus Club, he has the momentum, leadership, and drive any young professional would envy.

How did you end up in your current role?

This is the role that I applied for when I joined The Ortus Club. It’s not what I thought it would initially be, but I learned to love it from the get-go. I’m learning continuously, which is something that I always look to do in my life. That’s something I love about this role. With what I do, the people I work with, and those that I meet, there’s always something new to learn. It feels like the growth is virtually limitless here. 


What does a typical day at The Ortus Club look like?

A typical day for me would be working on sales campaigns, generating new leads, setting up & being in meetings, and creating sales proposals. I get to meet and talk to new people on a regular basis. Not only that, but I’m always surrounded by experts in my field and I have the privilege of watching and learning. Again, there’s always something new. Every single day, there’s a learning experience.


What’s the most challenging part of your job as a Market Development Director, and how do you overcome this challenge?

Vinci Romey Client Relations

A challenge that I face is looking for new verticals that we can tap into. So far, it’s sort of a trial-and-error. You truly get to see which verticals can use our services once you get into a call with them and explain in-depth what their goals are as a company. It’s challenging, yes, but it’s such a rewarding experience, and I feel like I’m really making a difference with my work here. It’s a challenge I welcome facing every day here at The Ortus Club.

When researching new markets, what do you look for?

Ideally, they have to fit the criteria that we have. Most of the time, each sales campaign has different criteria to meet. But, in general, they should be a B2B company, could possibly benefit from our services, and should have enough revenue to pay for our services. It’s always very, very exciting when reaching new markets and new companies. With every new client, we’re not only helping them, but we’re also helping their target audience connect with and learn from each other. 

What is your guilty pleasure?

My guilty pleasure would basically be devouring a whole lot of food while watching a movie. A go-to food of mine would be a bag of potato chips and my choice of genre for a movie would be some sort of rom-com!

“We have so many great mentors here at Ortus, and every day, every project, they’re teaching me something new.”

When you’re not at work, how do you spend your time?

After work, I usually like to spend my nights playing video games with my friends. During the weekends, it depends on my mood. If I’m feeling like I want to be out, you’re most likely to find me at a mall walking around or at the cinema. But, if I’m in the mood to be a homebody, I mostly spend my day binge-watching a series or a number of movies. That’s when you’d probably find me with a couple of bags of chips at the ready with a nice rom-com playing.

What’s one thing you are excited about, thinking about the future of Ortus?

One thing I’m really excited about is the opportunities for growth within the company. We have so many great mentors here at Ortus, and every day, every project, they’re teaching me something new. I’m so excited to see how far I’ll go. There are a ton of possibilities and learning opportunities that I feel like I haven’t quite reached or encountered just yet. Not only that, but the company itself is growing rapidly. We’re doing more and more events and we’re reaching new markets constantly. That makes me quite excited to continue my path with Ortus.


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