On a mission to share knowledge: Eight years of The Ortus Club

Ortus Journey

The past eight years of The Ortus Club have been filled with more than a thousand memorable executive knowledge-sharing experiences for more than 16,000 decision-makers in over 100 countries worldwide.

As they were laying Ortus’ humble foundations in 2015, Samuel Adcock and Jessica Circi were driven by their desire to aid top-level executives in building stronger and more intimate business relationships with their peers. Their pioneer team of four, comprised of former publishers and field experts, kicked off the company’s quest to transform the B2B marketing scene by successfully hosting their first event with KMC Savills in Sydney, Australia.

Now nearly 140-strong across multiple departments operating in various locations across the globe, the Ortus force continues to fulfil its mission to create environments that enable the genesis and growth of meaningful business relationships.

Generating executive insights on pressing business challenges

The Ortus Club has cemented its place in the B2B marketing sphere by creating spaces that empower C-level executives to connect with like-minded peers and explore untapped solutions in their respective industries. Over the last eight years, the company has been honing its strategy in curating the most insightful and productive topics on the most pressing concerns and trends across different industries, from IT to finance—even hospitality and education.

The discourses created in partnership with titans in the business world today have provided Ortus roundtable and masterclass guests with invaluable insights critical to the success of their businesses. Through these events, The Ortus Club has also helped its client-partners generate actionable sales leads, which have opened up numerous opportunities for expanded revenue growth.

A growing roster of stellar moderators has also played a significant role in encouraging executives to generate key insights during Ortus knowledge-sharing events. These moderators have helped The Ortus Club foster a conducive environment for top-level decision-makers to speak freely and confidently. With these productive exchanges of information, the company has also been able to curate key points and publish reports that their clients and guests can take with them as valuable post-event references to aid in the growth of their businesses.

“Dialogue among top-level executives is not the only element that makes an Ortus experience thought-provoking.”

Building a platform that creates thought-provoking content

The Ortus Club takes pride in its ever-evolving platform for executive knowledge sharing. Initially, as an immediate response to the pandemic, the company established its virtual events space as a viable alternative for decision-makers to convene for discussion without the complications of in-person travelling. Today, Ortus virtual roundtables are sought after by clients who wish to open executive discourse opportunities to guests scattered across the globe.

One of the company’s key approaches in organising fruitful knowledge sharing is engaging with guests during the lead-up to their events. Part of the Ortus strategy in crafting comprehensive conversation points is determining the challenges and goals of each guest in relation to the subject of discussion. Through this approach, The Ortus Club has always secured stellar attendance rates for their knowledge-sharing events.

But dialogue among top-level executives is not the only element that makes an Ortus experience thought-provoking. To expand their knowledge-sharing platform, The Ortus Club created mClub, a peer-advisory network composed of different groups that meet on a bi-weekly basis to tackle evolving issues in marketing, brand, IT, and consultancy. In 2021, the company also established an in-house illustration and graphic design arm, Ortus Draws, whose team of talented illustrators bring to life the insights shared by Ortus and mClub guests through live sketchnoting.


Fostering invaluable long-term business relationships

Friends of The Ortus Club know full well that the company maintains a pitch-free policy for all its roundtables and masterclasses. However, the Ortus culture still encourages clients and guests to connect with one another after the event to continue their knowledge-sharing experience and, hopefully, build strong and lasting business relationships.

The Ortus Club’s most notable events have strengthened relationships with some of its long-time clients. Just this June, the Ortus team hosted a masterclass with Cloudflare for IT and cybersecurity leaders in San Jose, California. The success of this knowledge-sharing event led the Cloudflare to host more roundtables and masterclasses with the company in other locations worldwide throughout the rest of 2022.

From 2015 through 2023, The Ortus Club organised over a thousand events for various clients and guests in different industries across different regions. Year 2022 alone, the company has hosted a little over 500 events in partnership with both new and long-time clients.

Sam and Jess once asked as they conceived the Ortus idea: ‘How great would it be if one could attend a single occasion entirely tailored to their prospects?’ The answer? It’s now greater than either of them—or any member of the Ortus team—could have ever imagined.

Are you interested in learning more about The Ortus Club? Are you considering hosting your own knowledge-sharing events? Reach out to them today. You can also get to know more about what The Ortus Club does here, and find out if you want to make history with the company.


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