What are live illustrations for?

Help bring pictures to words

Visually mind map ideas

Enhance the conversation

Provide a colourful and entertaining addition to the event

Serve as a recap for the event's discussion

Meet our illustrators

Our illustrators are carefully selected to create these illustrations that are made to enhance the conversation; providing a colourful and entertaining addition to the event. 
Ali Noelle Sy - Illustrator
Rachelle Dayo - Illustrator
Faye Arcangel - Illustrator

What we specialise in

and our key factors

We specialise in creating Live Mind Maps that serves as a recap for the event’s discussion. Each illustration will be made during the event for the guests and participants to enjoy and interact with for a livelier and engaging discussion. 

Any timezone

Since Ortus events are global, our team of illustrators work around any timezone to do these live mind maps for your events.


The Ortus Club’s illustrators is a team of professional…

Flexibiltiy in pricing

Price starts at 150USD.


Ortus illustrators have years of experience..

Business lingo

Our illustrators have been trained to use the business lingo fluently..

Live mind maps

Ortus mind maps are designed to make your virtual roundtable more engaging and interactive. These illustrations improve the group’s participation and sum up the main discussion points of each event.

Our illustrators and graphic designers use simple comic illustration styles to create a unique image that encapsulates the challenges being faced by the participants and the techniques they are using to deal with these challenges, as well as other interesting ideas and thoughts that are raised during the discussions. All of these are summarised in our mind map, using relevant keywords.

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