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Referral FAQs

Our referral program rewards selected partners who refer to us a new client. Sign up by filling out the form, and we’ll reach out to you to set up a call and provide any marketing materials so you can start earning.


If you would like to be referred to as a key influencer in the field with great connections, we welcome you to participate in our referral program. There is no cap on the number of new clients you can refer. To assist you, we can provide access to our database of existing clients and potential leads.

You can earn up to 8% of first sale (up to 100,000 USD) and 4% for next deals.

The Ortus Club runs corporate events, executive knowledge-sharing discussions and roundtables, globally. We provide a neutral, pitch-free environment focused on creating a relaxed atmosphere for decision-makers to come together and share their experiences on specific topics.

We present every experience in a neutral manner, void of hidden agendas, and match participants in seniority for relevance and insight. Strict confidentiality is upheld to promote open sharing, as we place great value on conversations where our clients, the experts, are at the forefront. We then ensure measurable return on investment by facilitating meetings with all key project contacts. 

We focus on bespoke lead generation, which means we can work with clients from any sector and anywhere in the world. Over 70% of our clients are repeat customers, with most closing at least 1 deal off the back of each project, generating a significant ROI.

Clients choose to work with us for our unparalleled edge in B2B lead generation. Our expertise in event management, paired with our seamless follow-up process and complimentary post-event engagement, ensures robust and lasting connections at zero extra cost. Each client benefits from the one-on-one support of a dedicated event manager, guiding them from inception to showcase. Finally, we offer a fast-track turnaround, executing our clients’ events in just 5-7 weeks.

This approach has led to a remarkable 98% guest satisfaction rate, a testament to our excellence in creating memorable and successful events.

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