Ortus X: Boosting Events With Better Engagement

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Two years ago, companies began integrating virtual events into their event marketing plan to compensate for venue and travel restrictions. Affairs once held in massive conference halls and upscale restaurants found new homes in remote offices and living rooms. While the ambience and stage lights of yesteryears faded, the benchmarks for success evolved. Now, even as physical events make their return, many companies continue to prioritize online sessions in their event marketing plan, having recognized the unparalleled value and convenience they present.

The Ortus Club was one of the major players in this shift towards digital marketing, seamlessly integrating an event marketing plan that focused on virtual interactions. Specialising in knowledge-sharing roundtables and masterclasses for high-level executives, we’ve hosted hundreds of virtual events since lockdowns started in early 2020. In 2021 alone, we held more than 300 such events across 33 countries, and we saw our client base double in size.

Ortus X Boosting events with better engagement

Navigating the virtual space, while incredibly successful, demands a strategic event marketing plan, especially given its inherent challenges. One term that’s been making the rounds is ‘Zoom fatigue’. The platform’s novelty has long worn off, and people have grown tired of the constant online calls and video conferences. Instead, they crave the personal touch and intimate feel of face-to-face interactions. Recognizing this, The Ortus Club’s event marketing plan prioritizes offering a personal touch to digital events, going above and beyond to add an experiential aspect to every discussion. These efforts come in the form of meal packages, whisky flights, and gourmet hampers delivered straight to guests’ doors, among a host of other experiences.

“Guests went home engaged and enlightened. ‘The event went smoothly and was well-organised,’ shared a speaker.”

Video conferences are falling more and more out of favour every day, and for a company like Commvault that leverages knowledge sharing, this poses a significant challenge. Engagement and interest have become hard to obtain and even harder to maintain, so Commvault reached out to The Ortus Club and Ortus X, our specialised global initiative that organises bespoke internal community-building events, to bring a unique feel and experience to their roundtables. With Ortus X handling the heavy-lifting, from logistics to registration, Commvault let their expertise shine, driving thoughtful conversations on data protection and data management. Ultimately, we partnered with them for two of their roundtables: ‘Top ransomware recovery strategies to adopt in 2022 & beyond’ and ‘Minimising cost and risk to your business with Commvault’.

Ortus X and Commvault were in lockstep from agenda conceptualisation to post-event logistics. During the roundtables, an engaging Ortus master of ceremonies helped facilitate proceedings to ensure the agenda progressed as planned. More than 50 guests were in attendance for both events, and a professional MoC was vital to their success. Ortus also delighted guests with personally curated gifts and prizes after each session.

The events weren’t limited to same-old discussions and Q&As. We took it up a notch with seamlessly integrated activities that encouraged engagement and collaboration. 

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Incorporating a strategic event marketing plan, guests were divided into groups and collaboratively crafted a visual representation of the discussion. Professionally executed, these simple yet effective games were vital in keeping participants interested and wanting more. By the end of each discussion, Commvault’s valued guests were able to expand their networks and walk away with a personalised keepsake that served as a summary of the event and a reminder of this unique experience.

Overall, both events were a success thanks to the partnership between Commvault and Ortus X. Guests went home engaged and enlightened, and our panellists were well taken care of. ‘The event went smoothly and was well-organised,’ shared a speaker. Together, our event marketing plan was able to foster an open environment for high-level executives to candidly share their security and risk challenges and help each other find ways to overcome them. Now connected with the right people with the right know-how, leaders can continue their conversations and improve their cybersecurity posture, together. This is only the beginning of OrtusX and Commvault’s partnership, and we’re looking forward to hosting more successful event marketing plans in tandem.


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