A year in review: The Ortus Club in 2023

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As we reflect on the activities and triumphs that The Ortus Club experienced in 2023, it’s hard not to feel a sense of pride and accomplishment. This year was marked by a remarkable expansion of our portfolio, as we successfully hosted events in 45 new cities, including Nashville, Seoul, Antwerp, and Zurich. With 45 new clients joining our fold and 74 repeat clients, we’re thrilled to see our testament to strengthening relationships manifest in an even more diversified client base.

The Ortus Club has been bustling with growth and development. The team expanded significantly, with 32 new members joining our ranks and bringing new perspectives to the table. This year also saw 55 dedicated team members stepping up the ladder with well-deserved promotions. We also celebrated a new milestone in team involvement by introducing 5 first-time internal Masters of Ceremonies for our events.

As we look back on these milestones, we are filled with gratitude for our team’s relentless effort and the continued support of our clients, who have been instrumental in making 2023 a landmark year for The Ortus Club. Join us in celebrating the milestones below and see how far we’ve come together with The Ortus Club this 2023!


Kicking off the year with a splash, we celebrated our first event on a boat, marking a memorable start to 2023! Additionally, the opening of Kosovo’s new office set the stage for expansion and new beginnings.


February soared with the successful launch of APEX, a game-changing appointment-setting partner business, paving the way for unparalleled growth and connections and reinforcing our commitment to fostering meaningful partnerships and business innovation.


March was a month of celebration and recognition at Ortus with four Employee Experience Events. We honoured our team on Employee Appreciation Day, celebrated diversity on International Women’s Day, embraced cultural festivities on St. Patrick’s Day, and bonded over an exciting E-Sports Tournament.


April witnessed the release of The Ortus Club’s first e-book, ‘The Art of Networking: Knowledge-Sharing Roundtables.’ This release not only highlighted our expertise in curating executive knowledge-sharing events but also fostered a culture of continuous learning and connection among professionals.


The management and friends dinner by The Ortus Club in May celebrated innovative strategies, new victories, and stronger partnerships. This event marked a milestone in fostering camaraderie and strengthening our community through an evening of fine dining and engaging conversations.


The month of June was monumental, with the opening of The Ortus Club’s new office in Manila. The expansion represents our growth and reaffirms our commitment to strengthening our presence in the region.


July marked a significant stride in transparency and leadership with our company’s first-ever Management Q&A. This initiative fostered open communication and strengthened the bond between the management and team members.


August was a time of joyous celebration as The Ortus Club commemorated its 8th anniversary. Reflecting on our journey of growth and innovation, we looked forward to many more years of success and achievements.


The successful turnout of the Philippine office’s Sports Fest last September was a testament to our commitment to the betterment of our employee well-being, fostering teamwork, and healthy competition within the Ortus community.


October’s Halloween event transformed the ordinary into the extraordinary, unleashing a wave of creativity and unity among our team. Beyond being fun, the event created unforgettable moments and strengthened bonds through a challenging escape room, an exciting costume contest, and a delightful feast.


During November, the Ortus Experience event in Kuala Lumpur was a resounding success, showcasing our global reach and dedication to creating exceptional experiences across different regions.


December culminated with two major highlights: the much-anticipated release of ‘The 2024 Event Marketer’s Playbook‘, a comprehensive report based on insights from 50 roundtables in 2023. A grand End of Year party at The Manila House for the Philippine office, Hotel Garde for the Kosovo team, and the Rome team celebrate at Hotel Locarno wrapped up the year in a festive spirit of gratitude and looking forward to future victories.

As we bid farewell to a remarkable 2023, we’re excitedly looking ahead to the opportunities and successes that await in the coming year. Thank you for being part of our journey, and here’s to a fantastic 2024!

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