The Ortus Club’s Commitment to Fostering a Community for Global B2B Marketing Leaders

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Staying ahead of the B2B marketing landscape requires not just keeping up with current trends but actively influencing the future landscape of the industry. The power of community building in marketing plays an active role in nurturing continuous growth and networking on a global scale, setting the stage for the next generation of business leaders.

Bridging marketing communities

Communities provide a unique environment for learning and collaboration. In these spaces, members share experiences, challenges, and solutions, enriching the collective knowledge and fostering growth and development.

In today’s interconnected world, fostering a strong community is not just about connecting with people through LinkedIn or exchanging business cards—it’s about creating ecosystems where ideas can flourish and leaders can grow together. By fostering vibrant marketing communities through targeted, executive-level engagements, The Ortus Club stands at the forefront to welcome innovative minds and insightful conversations.

1. Host Roundtable Discussions for B2B Marketing Leaders: Fostering deep connections and knowledge-sharing

In dedication to their commitment to knowledge-sharing and bridging connections, The Ortus Club plays a pivotal role in the B2B marketing landscape by regularly hosting roundtable discussions for marketing leaders globally. These gatherings target a high-calibre audience, including Chief Marketing Officers, Field Marketing Heads, and Marketing Directors from large corporations across all sectors to share insights and ideas, fostering a rich environment for collaboration and strategy development.

The Ortus Club has planned an extensive lineup of 80 marketing events this 2024, spanning both virtual and in-person formats. These events foster a neutral, pitch-free environment, which ensures a relaxed atmosphere where decision-makers can openly share their experiences on specific topics. This setting not only encourages genuine discussions but also facilitates an exchange of successful strategies and real-world insights.

An Ortus Club event was recently held in Singapore, which included a sake-tasting experience.  During the event, global leaders discussed the undeniable trend in B2B marketing towards personalisation, customisation, and the creation of intimate experiences that cater specifically to each participant—principles long embraced in B2C and now equally vital in B2B. To learn more about what happened during the event, read here.

The next exciting chapter in The Ortus Club’s series of events is set to take place in London, promising another powerful platform for leading marketing professionals to meet, share, and learn from one another in a dynamic, supportive environment. Catch the next Ortus Club event and be a part of the conversation.

2. Run Podcast Dedicated to B2B Marketing Leaders: Amplifying insightful marketing voices globally

By inviting global marketing leaders to discuss pressing industry issues and the latest trends, the CMO Chats podcast is another cornerstone of The Ortus Club’s commitment to providing invaluable insights into the evolving market landscape. The series highlights insights from leading CMOs and marketing experts from prestigious companies such as Microsoft, IBM Cloud, Salesforce, and EY, among others.

Available for free on platforms such as LinkedIn newsletter, YouTube, and Spotify, CMO Chats reaches a wide audience and offers easy access to expert opinions and advice. This initiative extends the conversation about pressing industry issues beyond traditional corporate boundaries to encourage marketers to think globally and act strategically.


“We’re there to build brands, to keep innovating, and to keep being creative.”

David Turner, former CMO of IRIS Software Group


It is an understated lesson that must be emphasised: a company’s marketing efforts involve and impact not only its marketing team but the whole organisation itself. Insights that fuel innovations to drive businesses forward are created through communities that value knowledge-sharing and collaborative growth.

The CMO Chats series newsletter has a growing community of 8,000+ subscribers on LinkedIn. With this targeted platform, marketing leaders are not only empowered to fuel their marketing strategies but they are also enabled to promote their respective companies to a concentrated pool of audience for possible collaboration or partnership opportunities.


3. Moderate Peer Advisory Groups for Marketing Executives: Stirring the conversation

In partnership with the executive coaching platform mClub, The Ortus Club moderates two monthly peer advisory groups dedicated to owners and leaders of marketing agencies in North America and EMEA.

These mClub sessions are scheduled for 60 minutes on Zoom at 5 PM CET, making them accessible for busy professionals across various time zones. The peer-coaching group serves as a vibrant forum for owners and leaders of marketing agencies to share insights on how they operate their businesses and the challenges they encounter.

Topics such as utilising AI within organisations and nurturing client relationships have sparked lively discussions and shared learning in recent mClub sessions. Looking ahead, the upcoming event in May will focus on attracting and retaining talent in marketing, a critical issue facing many leaders today.

Participants are intentionally from cross-industries to avoid matching competitors and allow members to gain diverse insights from various markets without bias. To enrich the conversation, external topic experts and key participants are often invited to attend these meetings. These invited guests also provide targeted insights and answer key questions related to the topics at hand.

Forging Communities, Nurturing Innovations

Through meticulously organised events, insightful podcasts, and moderating in engaging peer advisory groups, The Ortus Club not only connects leaders but also empowers them to drive innovation and success in their organisations. As the world of B2B marketing continues to evolve, the importance of a strong, interconnected community becomes ever more critical.

The Ortus Club provides the tools and opportunities necessary for leaders to stay ahead of industry trends, collaborate on solutions, and drive substantial growth within their markets. The Ortus Club offers an unparalleled resource for those looking to expand their professional network, enhance their leadership skills, and gain insights from around the world.

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