Top 10 B2B Marketing Technology Tips for 2022

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In a constantly evolving world, technology has changed the way we communicate. As time goes by and digital-first becomes more and more prevalent, it is crucial for organisations to brainstorm their most effective strategies to stay relevant and capture the attention of an increasingly distracted audience. This is particularly true for B2B marketing.

The challenges and opportunities that 2022 presents are distinct, moulded by technological advancements, changing buyer behaviours, and the ever-shifting global economic terrain. Whether you’re a seasoned B2B marketer or just stepping into this vast arena, staying ahead requires adaptability and insight. Polish your B2B marketing strategies by reading the list of Top 10 B2B marketing tips below!

Technology is reshaping banking in New Zealand 1

While digital technology has played a pivotal role in supporting marketing efficiency through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and other mediums, content creation is no longer as simple as it once was. Anticipating what B2B marketing will look like in 2022 is strategic to the design and delivery of a high-quality message and positive customer experience.

In a saturated virtual world that is guaranteed to become even more populated in the coming years, it is paramount for marketers to tune in to the latest industry trends in order to be better equipped to deal with current and future challenges. Below, we have gathered a few tips to prepare for the coming year and maximise the chances for your B2B marketing to succeed:

1. Identify your objectives, strengths, and desired audiences

By identifying these core B2B marketing elements in your business, you will lay the proper foundations to attract the customers you want. Specialising in a niche is usually more effective than trying to cater to just any industry at large.

Technology is reshaping banking in New Zealand 2

2. Establish a target buyer

While it might be tempting to try to attract the C-suite right away, your initial focus should be on developing B2B marketing relationships with professionals in charge of conducting the research for your service or product, such as brand ambassadors and influencers.

3. Participate in networking events and knowledge-sharing sessions with business leaders

Participating in or hosting networking and knowledge-sharing events such as roundtable discussions is a trend destined to stand the test of time. Forward-thinking B2B marketing companies across the world understand the importance of connecting with experts in similar fields to identify solutions to common challenges and discuss some of the most pressing industry topics.

Participating in or hosting networking and knowledge-sharing events such roundtables is a trend destined to stand the test of time.

4. Keep your content to the point

There is a time and place to establish an emotional connection with your audience. However, you should always advertise your product or service with clear and accessible language to save prospective customers time and allow them to stay focused on the matter at hand to increase your potential for a successful sale.

5. Invest in good mobile visibility

Running a website designed for mobile screens is paramount. After all, both statistical and anecdotal evidence prove that people nowadays are more prone to read and make purchases on their phones than on their computers. Optimising your B2B marketing efforts will allow you to increase web traffic on mobile phones and rank higher on Google result lists, generating even more potential viewers and clients.

6. Improve your website layout

Similar to the previous point, the aesthetic and accessibility of your B2B marketing website matter. A clear layout without distracting ‘noise’ is the best strategy to guarantee a positive customer experience and, ultimately, lead to more sales.

7. Stay on top of B2B marketing technology trends

Implementing the right B2B marketing strategy is one key to success. While it is a good idea to invest in martech, it is also important to be crystal clear about what suits your needs. As the saying goes: sometimes, less is more. Focusing only on the essentials will save your business a lot of time and money that can be redirected to more high-value and priority matters.

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8. Rethink social media strategies

While B2B has increased in presence on social media, the reception has been mixed. The key is to understand how relevant social media is to your specific B2B marketing objective and how responsive your audience is likely to become. Depending on whom you wish to cater to, social media may be a more or less profitable investment.

9. Optimise Google search advertising

Investing in paid ads can be a highly rewarding strategy for B2B marketing. Adopting a granular approach and understanding who your audiences are will help you speak to specific needs and increase the possibility of sealing the deal.

10. Be honest!

Last but not least, indeed, honesty is the best policy. Prospective customers value a business that is upfront about your intention to sell a product or service, so avoid common mistakes such as faking personalisation or sales pitches.

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