Top Venues for Executive Events in North America with The Ortus Club

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The Ortus Club excels in transforming the landscape of executive knowledge-sharing by organising premier events across the globe. Our pride lies in our broad list of clientele from various industries, who have thrived through our customised offerings of roundtable discussions and masterclasses. Each of our venues features private rooms, providing an intimate and soundproof setting ideal for focused and uninterrupted discussions.

Understanding the specific demands of executives seeking more than networking, we excel in planning and executing executive experiences. These sessions are about engaging in deep, meaningful conversations that propel industries forward. The Ortus Club is at your service to assist in locating the optimal venue for your next event to ensure that it surpasses expectations and realises its full potential.

Explore the exclusive partner venues that have hosted The Ortus Club events where innovation, collaboration, and leadership converge with this article!

RPM Seafood

317 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60654, United States


RPM Seafood’s spacious venue enhances knowledge-sharing by offering an open, inviting environment. The ample space supports networking, allowing guests to engage and exchange ideas comfortably. The generous layout promotes interactive discussions for a high-impact gathering. Its strategic location is highly accessible, making it a top choice for those looking to facilitate impactful conversations and connections in a sophisticated setting.


The James Hotel, 88 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10016, United States


Scarpetta’s trendy and modern space is a favourite for fostering an environment conducive to knowledge-sharing. The contemporary design and ambience stimulate engaging discussions and creative thinking. The Ortus Club clients love the venue for its stylish setting, which supports networking opportunities in a relaxed yet refined atmosphere, ideal for innovative gatherings and memorable events.


381 Park Ave S, New York, NY 10016, United States


With its selection of cosy and versatile locations across New York, Sarabeth’s sets the stage for personalised and meaningful interactions. The inviting atmospheres support casual networking, making connecting and sharing insights easier for The Ortus Club guests. Clients are drawn to Sarabeth’s for its consistent service and the warm, welcoming environments that make each location a sought-after venue for gatherings.

Curate executive knowledge-sharing events with The Ortus Club

The Ortus Club proudly facilitates executive knowledge-sharing, providing an elite platform for industry leaders to come together for mutual growth and learning. Through our collaboration with premier venues across the globe, we establish unique settings that foster impactful discussions and unparalleled opportunities for networking.

Our commitment to excellence ensures that each event, whether a roundtable or masterclass, is meticulously tailored to foster innovation and collaboration. Whether you’re looking to connect with C-level executives or expand your network, The Ortus Club’s events offer a unique platform to engage with your target audience. Reach out today, and one of our client directors will get in contact with you as soon as possible.

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