We Take a Seat at the Table: Women’s Month 2024

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Every organiser plays a role in determining whether or not an event cultivates a culture of inclusion and belonging. At The Ortus Club, we strive to bring people together to share ideas, inspiration, and innovation. Our role is to spark constructive conversations that cross lines of differences and provide equitable access to knowledge for global leaders. This begins by examining our assumptions and commitments to belonging.

As we plan events, we strive to ensure everyone is represented and heard at the table—regardless of gender, orientation, class, race, or background. True inclusion means expanding the tables so more diverse voices feel embraced to pull up a chair, not left standing.

Reflecting on Past Assumptions

In the past, we wrongly assumed that diversity was somehow out of our control or it is just the natural status quo. We figured that our events would attract a diverse slate of attendees, moderators, and speakers without any conscious effort on our behalf. However, we’ve realised that passive inaction perpetuates the exclusion of minority voices.

For years, we focused most of our efforts on logistics, branding, and topics without pausing to critically examine the lack of diversity at our events. More than simply echoing their experiences within the confines of our boardrooms, we recognise that uplifting the marginalised and amplifying their voice opens up conversations with more meaningful and diverse perspectives.

A Shift Towards Accountability

We now understand that we play an active role in shaping inclusion in the spaces we create. Through proactive efforts, we can leverage our platform and networks to provide more opportunities for underrepresented groups. Diversity won’t improve without embracing our accountability.

After reflecting, we realise performative support for diversity is not enough. True accountability requires systematically identifying and removing the barriers that exclude potential attendees, speakers, and partners from marginalised communities. We aim to reexamine our current frameworks through the lens of inclusivity.

Appreciation for Constructive Feedback

We thank our valued guests, clients, and employees who have constructively challenged our assumptions about diversity in their feedback. Your perspectives led us to critically reevaluate our impact and the obligations we want to uphold as leaders in the events industry. The Ortus Club invites more conversations about diversity to drive our progress and innovations.

In particular, we appreciate those who candidly called out instances where our events failed to address the evident gender imbalance of our guest lists. We have also taken active steps to reflect and celebrate our participants’ diverse nationalities and backgrounds. By pointing this out with nuance and compassion, Your insights guide our path toward equitable access and representation.

Championing Diversity, Equality, and inclusivity

Now, more than ever, it is vital to recognise that we all have responsibilities to uphold inclusion and equality. Moving forward, we are making tangible commitments to inviting and emphasising more diverse voices at our events. We will be intentional in ensuring that moderators and speakers for The Ortus Club events fully represent the diversity of today’s society.

We are dedicated to prioritising the diversity of the many representatives and attendee rosters that clients submit. The Ortus Club is dedicated to pursuing more event formats and additional services to broaden our accessibility efforts and reach more diverse audiences.

To realise our goals for diversity, equality, and inclusion, we commit to reaching beyond our existing networks to recruit minority moderators, speakers, and partners directly. We will emphasise representation from multiple dimensions of perspectives rather than relying solely on a few symbolic voices.

A table where people of all identities feel welcomed benefits our broader communities and unlocks innovation. There is still more progress to be made, but diversity and representation at events should be the norm, not the exception. We all gain tremendous value when everyone has an equitable place at the table.

Ensuring Equality and Inclusivity during The Ortus Club events

The Ortus Club strives to foster an environment where everyone’s perspective is valued and required voices are not dismissed. Our broadened insight equips us to better serve and appeal to diverse audiences.

But lasting change depends on accountability. Once dialogue translates into action, we must continue returning to these discussions to ensure progress sticks. The Ortus Club cannot overhaul culture alone; authentic change will emerge organically through partners and collaborators demanding ongoing excellence from each other.

We are committed to learning, growing, and improving through open and thoughtful dialogue. Please reach out anytime to provide more feedback on where we can strengthen our efforts to foster inclusive spaces and how we can champion diversity and equality in impactful ways during knowledge-sharing sessions.

By going beyond our perspectives and assumptions, we hope to transform what inclusive working environments look like across our events.

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