Why You Should Be the Ortus Club’s Next Master of Ceremony

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The Ortus Club is known for bringing together the brightest minds and business leaders. Taking on the role of the Master of Ceremonies (MoC) affords you the chance to be among them. If you’re looking for an opportunity to challenge yourself, expand your network, and gain valuable experience, this is your chance. Here’s why you should become The Ortus Club’s next MoC and why each reason presents a fantastic opportunity!

1. Network with the City’s Elite

As the MoC, you’ll be positioned at the centre of the action. Mingle with The Ortus Club guests—top executives, thought leaders, and industry influencers—during pre-event preparations and post-event conversations. These are the people who can champion your work, offer invaluable career advice, or even open doors to new opportunities.

Don’t underestimate the power of making a positive connection! This is a golden opportunity to build valuable, long-lasting connections. The Ortus Club provides a platform for these connections to flourish—all you need to do is take the initiative and step forward.

2. Turn Passion into Profit

More than just an avenue for networking, the MoC role can be a lucrative side gig. The Ortus Club offers compensation for your time and talent, allowing you to turn your passion for public speaking and event hosting into a profitable venture. This is a fantastic way to supplement your income while working from a position of esteem.

Furthermore, Being an MoC hones valuable skills that are sought-after in the professional world. So, you’re not just earning money; you’re also investing in your professional development.

3. Exclusive Access to Top Venues

The Ortus Club events are held at premier locations around the world. From 5-star hotels to Michelin-star restaurants, as the MoC, you’ll gain exclusive access to these prestigious spaces, enjoying the ambience and amenities firsthand.

Imagine delivering your introductions with a panoramic cityscape as your backdrop. These places reserved for luxurious nights out can suddenly become an unparalleled place of work.

4. Public Speaking Confidence Boost

The MoC role requires you to command the stage and captivate the audience. This experience can prove a massive boon to your public speaking confidence, a skill valuable in any professional setting. If you can confidently speak in front of a room of C-Suite executives, you can do it in front of anyone.

As you open events, converse with executives, and coordinate with clients, you’ll refine your ability to connect with an audience and deliver information in a way that is effective, informative, and engaging. These are skills that will translate to all areas of your professional life.

5. Client Exposure

The Ortus Club events are hosted by some of the biggest names in the B2B world. As the MoC, you’ll have the opportunity to introduce these clients to the audience. This puts you in a position of importance and allows you to make a strong first impression on the company or speaker you’re introducing. It’s a chance to showcase your professionalism and potentially introduce opportunities for future collaborations that would otherwise be inaccessible.

6. Professional Photos by Ortus Club Photographers

The Ortus Club events are documented by professional photographers. As the MoC, you’ll be prominently featured in these photos, providing you with high-quality professional images. In today’s digital world, a professional headshot or image showcasing you at a high-profile event is invaluable.

You can use these photos on your online profiles, such as LinkedIn or your personal website, to elevate your image and make a strong impression on potential employers or clients. The Ortus Club understands the importance of personal branding, and taking on the role of MoC allows you to nurture yours.

7. Gain Event Industry Experience

The MoC role offers valuable experience in event management and execution. You’ll work alongside event planners and learn about the logistics that go into creating a successful event. You’ll gain experience with things like stage presence, event management, and audience engagement – all transferable skills that can benefit you if you ever consider a career in the events industry.

Even if your ultimate goal isn’t in events, the experience you gain as an MoC is valuable in any leadership role.

8. Become a Local Influencer

With enough events with The Ortus Club, you can establish yourself as a recognisable figure within your city’s decision-makers. You’ll become a familiar face to The Ortus Club’s clients, guests, and even speakers. You may even become a regular feature in promotional materials for The Ortus Club’s events. This increased visibility can position you as a local influencer within your field, potentially leading to new opportunities or collaborations.


So, are you ready to take centre stage and become the next MoC with The Ortus Club? If you’re looking to expand your network, develop public speaking skills, and gain valuable event industry experience, all while enjoying exclusive access to top venues and lucrative compensation, then this is the opportunity for you. Let’s talk, and we’ll get you on track to being an MoC for your first Ortus Club event.

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