Outsourcing B2B Lead Generation: A Guide for Choosing the Right Company

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B2B lead generation has emerged as an effective and efficient of sustainable growth for businesses. However, managing successful lead generation campaigns requires expertise and resources—factors that brands find challenging to master in-house. Thankfully, outsourcing companies offer the opportunity to ensure a consistent flow of quality B2B leads.

However, finding the right lead generation partner that ensures your B2B marketing investment pays off and propels your business to new heights can be difficult. Our comprehensive guide below explores the factors you should consider when selecting the right partner to attract and nurture B2B leads.

What Is B2B Lead Generation?

B2B lead generation refers to identifying and cultivating potential customers for a business’s products or services when selling to other businesses rather than individual consumers (B2C). Lead generation is about finding companies that might benefit from your product or service, capturing their interest, and converting this interest into sales opportunities.

5 Things You Should Look for in a Lead Generation Company

Navigating the world of B2B lead generation can be overwhelming. With a plethora of companies offering lead generation services, making the right choice can seem daunting. But worry not! Here’s a guide to what you should be looking for when considering outsourcing to a lead generation company:

1. Channel-focused expertise and industry knowledge

When selecting a partner, it’s crucial that they’re not just a jack of all trades but masters of the channels most relevant to your business. Look into their case studies and see if they’ve consistently delivered B2B lead results in your target channels. Also, ensure they have a keen understanding of your industry, as this translates to better targeting and messaging.

2. Strong transparency in their B2B lead generation methods

Understanding how a company operates and generates sales leads provides clarity and ensures no unethical or black-hat practices could tarnish your brand’s reputation. A reputable company will be upfront about their methods. Ask them about their processes, the tools they use, and their approach to targeting and segmentation.

3. Provides value for your lead generation budget

Your budget isn’t just about the dollar amount; it’s about the return on your B2B marketing investment. Remember that the cheapest option isn’t always the best, and the most expensive one doesn’t guarantee the highest quality. Understand their pricing model and see if it aligns with the value they provide. Check for any hidden fees and ensure that their offerings match what you’re willing to invest.

4. The team members and culture fit your lead generation goals

A cultural and goal alignment ensures smoother communication and a more harmonious working relationship. You want a team that understands, shares and is enthusiastic about your vision. Engage with potential team members you’ll work with and assess their passion, dedication, and understanding of your goals.

5. Social proof of the company’s claims and performance

Anyone can make grand claims, but real-life testimonials and reviews provide tangible evidence of a company’s capabilities. Look for client testimonials, preferably from businesses in your industry. Don’t shy away from asking for references or checking third-party review sites that detail their methods and B2B leads results.

How do you generate leads for a B2B Business?

There are countless strategies to explore and avenues to venture down. Amidst the noise, focusing on tried-and-true methods that consistently yield B2B lead results is critical. Here are some of the effective strategies that you can incorporate or look for when considering an outsourced lead generation partner:

Leverage social media

Social platforms have become powerful networking and lead generation tools for B2B businesses. Start by identifying where your potential clients hang out. Is it Twitter? LinkedIn? Maybe even Instagram? Create valuable content tailored to these platforms, engage in meaningful conversations, and employ targeted ads to capture decision-makers’ attention.

Utilise LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Designed specifically for sales professionals, this tool takes LinkedIn’s capabilities to the next level, enabling more refined searches and tailored lead recommendations. Utilise its advanced search filters to pinpoint potential B2B leads. Engage with content, utilise InMail for direct outreach, and monitor B2B lead suggestions that LinkedIn recommends based on your criteria.

Maximise email marketing

Email marketing is a premier B2B lead generation tool, boasting impressive ROI figures across B2B markets despite the influx of new channels. Craft personalised campaigns that resonate with your target audience. Segment your list to send tailored messages, use compelling CTAs, and ensure your content provides value, be it insights, solutions, or exclusive offers.

Find users who aren’t satisfied with your competitors

Tapping into the discontent of competitors’ B2B leads provides a ripe opportunity for conversion. After all, these are businesses actively searching for better solutions. Monitor industry forums, review sites, or social media channels for negative feedback or reviews about competitors. Reach out to these disgruntled users with a solution—your product or service.

Host and attend B2B marketing events

Face-to-face interactions at B2B networking events, be they conferences, trade shows, or webinars, foster trust and facilitate genuine connections. Prioritise events relevant to your industry. Prepare engaging presentations, set up interactive booths, or simply attend to network to build relationships that can later be nurtured into sales opportunities.

Host a Roundtable Discussion for B2B Leads With the Ortus Club

As we’ve navigated the complexities of B2B lead generation and the invaluable role of outsourcing, one truth becomes evident: the right partnerships can supercharge your B2B marketing efforts. In optimising lead generation efforts and tools, consider the holistic benefits of event marketing that can accelerate your business growth.

Events marketing, especially when executed with precision and an in-depth understanding of your target audience, provides a platform for direct engagement, fosters trust, and solidifies business relationships. The Ortus Club has a proven track record in this domain, showcasing the value of merging traditional B2B lead generation with strategic marketing. Partner with the best and watch your lead generation efforts reach unparalleled heights by contacting us today!


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