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The Ortus Club runs corporate events, executive knowledge-sharing discussions and roundtables, globally. We provide a neutral, pitch-free environment focused on creating a relaxed atmosphere for decision-makers to come together and share their experiences on specific topics. frequently asked questions

The Ortus Club was founded in 2015.

The Ortus Club was founded by Jess Circi and Sam Adcock

The Ortus Club has offices in Rome, Kosovo, Singapore, and the Philippines. We run global events on in multiple languages across five continents, where our most successful events were held in major cities. As a multinational company, we work with various individuals from all walks of life, and in doing so, we uphold our knowledge-sharing values.

The Ortus Club runs corporate events, executive knowledge-sharing discussions, and roundtables, globally. These can take the form of an in-person or virtual roundtable discussion composed of 8-12 professionals or a masterclass, where a larger number of participants are included, led by expert panellists. These events would not be possible without our signature Ortus add-ons that make the experience more unique, engage attendees, and improve post-event networking. 

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The Ortus Club ensures that qualified guests leave with a good understanding of our client’s offering, but without the feel of a pitch. We offer a one-of-a-kind experience offering Ortus add-ons such as live mind maps, tasting sessions, virtual catering, curated insights, and gourmet hampers. Check out and download our online brochure for more information.

To host an event with The Ortus Club, you can visit our website, reach out via email, or contact the following numbers:
US: +1 415 969 7673
UK: +44 131 3812 021
SG: +65 31 389 004.

The Ortus Club operates in a unique industry, has offices around the world, and offers competitive packages. We have a set of values that are taught within the company. These enable us to collaborate and follow the amazing processes that help us reach our goals.


Our values
We put ideas above hierarchy

We believe in giving people trust, allowing them to explore and be as creative as possible to foster innovation. We keep an open mind to ensure everyone feels included regardless of seniority, culture, or background.


We think big

We chase opportunities and sculpt direction. We think beyond conventions and embrace challenges towards growth. We never settle. We question what is possible as we discover new methods to make a meaningful impact.


We always deliver

We are proactive, results-driven, and we aim for excellence. We are the drivers of our own success and thrive in a fast-paced environment. We ask the right questions, adjust to any challenge, and consistently give our best shot. We strive to turn our goals into reality and are confident that no one else can do what we do. 


We put people first

We believe that having a professional life should never be stagnant and should never stop anyone from pursuing or exploring a passion. We celebrate everyone’s unique perspectives and make sure to dedicate some time to being playful, spreading enthusiasm, and building a vibrant community not just on special occasions but every single day.


We believe in knowledge sharing

We believe in the power of knowledge-sharing and its vital role in our development as individuals, professionals, and organisations. We seek open and transparent conversations because that is what starts valuable relationships.

Nothing helps a business more than a well-executed event – and with The Ortus Club, you can be confident that you’ll get it right the first time.

Our full-service event management team, specialising in exclusive corporate events, blends a rich heritage in event planning with the latest technology to create moments that matter.

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Ortus Draws is a design venture by The Ortus Club that creates live illustrations, personalised to any brand, for live events in any language, anywhere to increase engagement. Ortus Draws has worked with amazing brands such as Adobe, Google, AWS, Nike, Insider, DOMO, and Cloudflare. Learn more about sketchnoting, and book an illustrator with us today.

The mClub was created by The Ortus Club, a C-level knowledge-sharing company that hosts over 300 executive events around the world each year. It brings structure and moderation to each group through the use of hot seats, open-floor discussions, case studies, activities, and external experts. Professional illustrators regularly attend group discussions to create live mind maps, and members benefit from a variety of other extra features available both during and in-between their group meetings.