Success Snapshot


In a span of eight months, The Ortus Club and Cloudflare successfully engaged hundreds of top IT and cybersecurity leaders from a wide array of enterprises and mid-sized corporations across North America. All told, 27 events were held in 12 major cities, connecting over 400 senior executives through exclusive roundtables and masterclasses to discuss challenges, opportunities, and other trends surrounding ‘Zero Trust, Zero Nonsense: A Faster, More Practical Approach’. Of the companies entering the funnel, 71% were new logos, generating new opportunities for Cloudflare after the first half of the roadshow already: 239 MQLs, 52 sales opportunities, and over $6.7 million in direct pipeline revenue.

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Our events


Virtual and in-person roundtables are hosted for senior executives and decision-makers (8-12 people), who come together to network and share insights on specific business topics. 


Masterclasses are larger events where a group of experts is selected as panelists to lead the discussion and guests (up to 40 people) are given the opportunity to gain guidance, ask questions and receive support.

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