B2B Content Ideas to Increase Demand Generation

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In this highly competitive B2B marketing marketplace filled with opportunities and challenges, keeping the demand for your products or services soaring is crucial—and content marketing is the key driver behind it.

An insightful content marketing strategy that speaks directly to your target audience generates more engagement and demand for your business. Learn how to create a content marketing strategy that resonates with your audience’s needs and encourages them to take action with the blog below!


How to Create a B2B Content Strategy to Generate Demand

Navigating the dynamic landscape of B2B marketing requires a solid, data-driven content strategy that piques interest and drives demand. Explore 3 steps to create a B2B content marketing to supercharge demand for your offerings in the section below.

Focus on new audiences

Avoid limiting your content marketing strategy to just your existing customers by diversifying your market and appealing to new audiences. Analyse your successful competitors, and understand who they are contacting to see if any overlap with your offering exists. Doing so creates additional opportunities for brand visibility, lead generation, and potential sales.

Choose what (and how) you measure

Understanding how your content contributes to conversions and demand generation will empower you to optimise your content marketing strategy and fuel how you interpret data for future decisions. Focusing on engagement-related metrics ensures you’re looking beyond surface-level interactions and gauging the real impact of your content on your audience.

Prioritise interest, not leads

Leads are often the central focus of many marketing strategies. However, a large number of leads don’t always equate to sales. By prioritising interest over leads, you ensure your content marketing efforts are targeted toward creating connections with your audience. Creating a content marketing strategy that fosters interest attracts potential customers and cultivates brand loyalty, leading to longer-term customer relationships and higher lifetime value.

How to Create a B2B Content Strategy to Generate Demand

The key to unlocking demand in B2B markets lies in the heart of your content marketing strategy. But with the digital landscape loaded with content, how do you ensure yours stands out? The following section discusses 14 content types to drive demand for your offerings.

1. Include research, reports, and whitepapers

Authoritative research, comprehensive reports, and in-depth whitepapers position you as a thought leader in your industry. Fuelling your content marketing with insights provides your audience with high-value content that isn’t readily available elsewhere and draws them to your brand to boost demand.

2. Create SEO-focused blog content and pillar pages

Content marketing isn’t about creating content for content’s sake. Instead, it’s about producing and distributing high-quality, value-driven content that positions your business as a thought leader and attracts, engages, and retains your audience. Learn more about creating to fuel your B2B marketing efforts below.

3. Transform research into infographics

Infographics fuel your content marketing strategy by visually presenting complex information to make it more engaging and digestible. As infographic content marketing is highly shareable, incorporating it into your efforts increases visibility and demand for your offerings.

4. Use case studies to build client trust

Utilising case studies for your content marketing strategy provide evidence of your product or service’s effectiveness. By showcasing real-life examples, they help build trust among potential clients and demonstrate your value.

5. Host online webinars

Webinars offer a comprehensive marketing platform to share knowledge, connect with your audience, and demonstrate your expertise. Incorporating online events that provide valuable knowledge for your content marketing provides an effective avenue for capturing interested leads and nurturing them into clients.

6. Create buyer guides

Buyer guides assist potential clients in making purchase decisions. Creating buyer guides for your content marketing efforts shows that you understand your customers’ needs and position your business as a reliable source of information within your industry.

7. Add personalised B2B videos

Videos provide a creative and interactive way to convey information about your product and the problem it aims to solve. Personalised videos increase the feeling of connection between your brand and your audience while continuously boosting engagement and demand surrounding your offerings.

8. Introduce interactive content and tools

Interactive content is a potent tool for engagement as it adds an element of longer participation from your audience. For instance, an ROI calculator for your product or service allows potential clients to see benefits in concrete terms. While quizzes or surveys help you gather valuable data while providing a personalised experience for your target audience.

9. Host virtual, in-person, and hybrid events

Whether held virtually, in-person, or hybrid, events create a forum for interaction and relationship-building. Providing a content marketing platform for interactions gives your audience a more immersive experience of your brand. It allows them to see the people behind it, often leading to stronger connections and increased demand.

10. Produce a podcast

Creating a content marketing podcast that offers industry insights or a behind-the-scenes look at your operations serves as an effective channel to reach your audience. Doing so gives your audience the convenience of gaining knowledge on the go and, over time, establishes your brand as a go-to source for valuable industry information.

11. Use long-lasting social media

Social media platforms, especially those where your content marketing efforts stay active even after 24 hours (like LinkedIn or YouTube), provide opportunities for sustained engagement. Regularly publishing insightful content on these platforms helps build a community around your brand, increase visibility, and foster long-term relationships with your audience.

12. Use public relations to increase brand awareness

An effective public relations strategy significantly elevates your brand’s visibility. It helps you reach a larger audience by mentioning your brand in industry publications, securing interviews, or contributing guest articles. Investing in PR content marketing increases awareness and a positive brand image for your business, leading to more interest and demand.

13. Continue direct mail efforts

In a digital world, the physicality of direct mail can help your brand stand out. Whether it’s a personalised letter, a brochure, or a sample of your product, direct mail can create a memorable content marketing strategy experience for potential and existing clients. This strategy, combined with digital marketing efforts, can amplify your reach and significantly boost demand.

14. Embrace partnerships

Partnerships significantly expand your reach, particularly with businesses that share your target audience but are not direct competitors. Such collaborations can take many forms—co-hosting webinars, cross-promoting each other’s offerings, etc. Investing in partnerships gives you access to a broader audience to improve brand visibility and demand generation.

Use B2B Content With The Ortus Club to Generate More Leads

Building a robust B2B content marketing strategy is not just about creating content but ensuring that this content generates interest, engagement, and, ultimately, demand. However, creating a B2B content marketing plan that ticks all these boxes can be daunting. That’s where The Ortus Club can step in.

At The Ortus Club, we are dedicated to delivering thought-provoking and highly engaging events tailored to connect like-minded executives across industries. Our event marketing efforts provide a perfect opportunity for you to share knowledge, showcase your brand, and create meaningful connections that lead to increased demand. Contact us to get started on hosting your event today!


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