Customer360 (CX): Is your CX future ready?

Wednesday, March 20 2024, 11:30 AM SGT
Exclusive webinar

In today’s digital-first world, a great customer experience (CX) is just as important as the products or solutions you sell. Need proof? A recent survey revealed that 32% of respondents say they will walk away from a brand they love after just one bad experience. So how can your business ensure that it is delivering the exceptional experiencesthat customers and prospects expect at every touchpoint of their journey?

Our group of experts discussed just that and more during our exclusive webinar, Is Your CX Future-Ready? They explored how organisations can set themselves up for success today and tomorrow by delivering seamless, personalised and scalable experiences at every step of the customer journey. Moderated by veteran technology journalist Kate Russell, the webinar explains how the powerful combination of CX, customer data and analytics will be the differentiator in a fast-changing digital landscape.

In this webinar, you’ll discover: 

  • The state of CX and customer data platforms (CDP) and where the industry is headed next
  • How Teradata and ActionIQ help organisations deliver more relevant, authentic customer experiences by combining a single source of customer data and best-in-class analytics
  • Real-world examples of how you can use Teradata VantageCloud and ClearScape Analytics™ to deliver better insights that transform customer experiences
The speakers
David Wallace IDC

David Wallace


Research Director, Customer Data and Analytics, IDC


Mark Swenson Teradata

Mark Swenson


Director of the Customer Experience Practice, Teradata

Yann Ross Teradata

Yann Ros


Senior Industry Expert in the Marketing & Customer Experience Practice, Teradata


Edouard Servan-Schreiber ActionIQ

Edouard Servan-Schreiber


Vice President, Architecture, ActionIQ


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