The Topic

Empathy in the Age of Automation: Bridging Human Touch with AI in Customer Support

In the evolving landscape where AI and design intersect, these realms prove not only complementary but essential for crafting user experiences that are seamless, intuitive, and captivating. At the core of customer support and experience lies humanism, with empathy and understanding guiding the design, development, and engagement processes, emphasizing the human touch in a digital world. Innovations in analytics, alongside the efficiency of one-click migration solutions, highlight the sophisticated interaction between humans and technology. 

This balance suggests a future where customer support transcends efficiency to become genuinely effortless. Moreover, the role of design and visualization in demystifying complex data is paramount. Clear, engaging visuals serve as a bridge, making intricate information not only accessible but also actionable, thereby revolutionizing decision-making and enhancing user engagement. Together, these elements underscore a dynamic integration of technology, personal touch, and design, heralding an era of enriched digital interactions.

  • What are the main challenges in maintaining the human touch in customer support and experience as AI and automated technologies become increasingly prevalent? 
  • How can design and visualization strategies be optimized to demystify complex data for users, enhancing decision-making and engagement?
  • In what ways can the future integration of AI and design principles revolutionize customer support to be not just efficient but genuinely effortless and intuitive?
The Speakers

Scott Belsky
Chief Strategy Officer

Georg Petschnigg
SVP and Head of Product Design 

Mike Robbins 
Author and Speaker

Erin Stanton
Global Head of  Portfolio and Trading Analytic Client Support

Virginia Gambale
Board Director

The Agenda

9:00 AM | Registration

9:40 AM | Presentation by DevRev

11:15 AM | Panel/Open Discussion 

11:30 AM | Closing Remarks

12:30 PM | Coffee, tea, and networking

Who is Attending?

Join leaders interested in exploring the frontier of technology and design, where the fusion of AI and human-centric principles promises to redefine the landscape of customer experience, driving innovation that marries efficiency with empathy in a digitally connected world.

Job titles may include CCO, CEO, Head/Director of Support, and other senior decision-makers.

The Venue

Midtown Loft & Terrace

267 Fifth Avenue, Suite 100
New York, NY 10016
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