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Our Director for Projects and Partnerships, APAC

Sabrina Manansala

From the onset, Sabrina has always held a passion for building client relationships.

She first started as a Project Coordinator in the company and gradually progressed to become The Ortus Club’s Director for Projects & Partnerships across the APAC region.

Tell us about your current role at The Ortus Club and how you got there. 

I am the Director for Projects & Partnerships of the APAC region. I started as a Project Coordinator and worked my way up to Project Director. My enthusiasm and energy when working with clients resulted in me being offered different accounts and more projects, eventually leading to my current role.  

In addition, I have always been interested in organisation development and, more recently, I have been involved in HR initiatives, creating activities that focus on building rapport and strengthening bonds within our growing company.

The Ortus Club has a very flexible approach to the work-life balance and encourages staff to maintain their other interests. I am particularly grateful for this because, as an artist, I have been able to continue with my events and performances outside work. The company has taught me the importance of time management, commitment and will-power.

“The company has taught me the importance of time management, commitment and will-power.”

What first made you join the Ortus team?

Just before graduating, I attended an interview for a Project Coordinator role at The Ortus Club. I was impressed by the company as it offered the opportunity to learn about the industries we normally use every day but know little about (i.e. Adobe, Viber, Zendesk, etc.) combined with a role I am passionate about: events, through leadership and knowledge-sharing. I enjoy putting together a corporate networking event that meets. or even surpasses, expectations. 

What do you like most about working with The Ortus Club? 

The Ortus Club is growing rapidly, and the team has the chance to develop at the same pace. I love that the company is very focused on what it offers: exclusive events to encourage networking and growth for its clients, both on a business and personal level. The Ortus Club is also very supportive of its own team, and we are encouraged to support each other in asking for help.

What are you excited about for the future of The Ortus Club? 

I am looking forward to The Ortus Club expanding into other countries where industries are starting to grow. As more people join the company, we can take on new initiatives and projects. Of course, we are all excited about returning in the near future to hosting our physical events. We started hosting dinner events in Singapore last year – let’s hope that we can return to other locations very soon. Look out, world, here we come!  


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