Meet the Founders on a Mission to Curate Knowledge-Sharing Discussions Worldwide

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Jess Circi and Sam Adcock founded The Ortus Club in 2015, intending to create an exclusive but interactive space that fosters senior-level relationship building. What began as a humble team of four is now a full-fledged organisation that has enjoyed unprecedented growth. In 2022, the company conducted its 1000th event and welcomed its 100th employee, two among countless records they have broken throughout the years.

The idea came as they identified a gap in the market, where businesses relied heavily on conferences and large networking events to meet key decision-makers in their pipeline. As successful representatives in the publishing industry, Jess noticed how many in business development were tasked to conduct hundreds of cold calls and spend entire trips shaking hundreds of hands before potentially meeting that one relevant decision-maker. ‘How great would it be if one could attend a single occasion entirely tailored to their prospects?’ Sam, on the other hand, was an engineer by trade who ultimately geared his focus towards entrepreneurship and had established numerous partnerships in the community. A passionate visionary and hands-on strategist, Sam was the ideal complement to Jess’s marketing-savvy creative mind. Together, they laid the groundwork for success in yet unexplored territory. Meet the founder

However, identifying an opportunity is different from building an enterprise. Constant iteration, open experimentation, and continuous refinement were vital to their once fledgeling team. From handling a thousand projects in the first six years to having over half that number slated for 2022 alone, The Ortus Club is now servicing some of the biggest brands worldwide in healthcare, finance, tech, and supply chain. To date, the company has partnered with several major players, such as Google, Oracle, Adobe, Meta, and Zoom. In 2021, their client base doubled to more than a hundred strong, connecting upwards of 5,000 high-level executives from their customers’ specific target accounts, greatly aiding sales and marketing.

Sam Adcock The Ortus Club

Not just in scale and volume, The Ortus Club has also grown in offerings. Recently, they launched mClub, and Ortus Draws, further elevating their portfolio with the same knowledge-sharing mission.

The mClub is a peer-advisory group for senior decision-makers, especially marketers, from different industries looking to meet and discuss challenges and opportunities within their practice on a regular basis and without a sponsor.

Finally, the newest of the bunch, Ortus Draws is the result of an in-house live sketchnoting offering growing beyond company events and currently illustrating live events for companies such as Nike, AWS and Freshfields.

The Ortus Club ensures each discussion is held to the highest standards and is personalised to the client’s unique products and services. The company prides itself on taking responsibility for every guest, guaranteeing that everyone has an enjoyable experience and finds value in the exchange of ideas. Undoubtedly, there is so much more to do in the coming years, and The Ortus Club is well on its way to curating the best knowledge-sharing events worldwide.


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