The 2024 Event
Marketer's Playbook

In 2023, we gathered 400+ leading voices in marketing,
allowing us to assemble a plethora of expert opinions
all in one transformative report.

In an era where the landscape of B2B event marketing is rapidly evolving, marketers find themselves at a crossroads. Struggling to navigate through a maze of digital transformation, fluctuating market trends, and shifting audience expectations, the challenge to create impactful and engaging events has never been more daunting. This struggle underlines a critical question: How can marketers effectively adapt and thrive in this dynamic environment? Our comprehensive report, based on insights from 50 roundtables spanning across APAC and North America, delves into this very question.


About the report

What drives us
Our journey began with a simple yet profound objective: to understand the multifaceted challenges and strategies employed by B2B event marketers in the face of an ever-changing industry. Recognising that the answers lay in the experiences of those on the frontline, we engaged in extensive discussions across two major global markets. Our aim was not just to identify the pain points, but to uncover the innovative approaches marketers are adopting in response to these challenges.

Why read it
This report is a culmination of diverse insights and experiences, distilled into a comprehensive analysis that bridges the gap between two distinct markets—APAC and North America. We delve into the nuances that differentiate these regions, while also highlighting the universal strategies that transcend geographical boundaries. Our in-depth analysis offers a unique perspective on the evolving trends, effective strategies, and future outlook of B2B event marketing.

For professionals seeking to navigate the turbulent waters of B2B event marketing, this report is an indispensable guide. Whether you’re looking to understand regional market dynamics, seeking inspiration from successful strategies, or aiming to stay ahead of emerging trends, our report offers valuable insights that can shape your approach to event marketing.

It’s not just a collection of data, but a roadmap to innovation and success in a landscape where staying informed is the key to thriving.

Key findings

Enhancing B2B CRM through cultural insight

  • Insight: Combining CRM integration with a deep understanding of cultural nuances enhances the potential for personalised customer experiences.
  • Implication: This fusion of technology and cultural sensitivity ensures that customer interactions resonate effectively across diverse journeys.
  • Significance: It emphasises the importance of tailoring CRM strategies to align with cultural preferences, thereby fostering stronger and more meaningful connections.

The importance of financial prudence in B2B event management

  • Insight: The synthesis of budget optimisation, resource allocation, and comprehensive cost analysis is essential for effective event management.
  • Implication: This strategic financial approach maximises return on investment, ensuring that events are both financially sound and operationally effective.
  • Significance: It highlights the necessity of aligning financial strategies with event planning to achieve optimal outcomes and long-term success.

Maximising event engagement with real-time analytics

  • Insight: Integrating advanced real-time analytics and feedback mechanisms significantly improves the efficiency of customer insight gathering.
  • Implication: This integration allows for precise engagement mapping and tailored event experiences, optimising customer satisfaction.
  • Significance: It underscores the importance of leveraging real-time data to adapt and enhance event strategies, ensuring a more personalised and impactful engagement with the audience.

Elevating B2B performance through collaborative expertise

  • Insight: Collaborating with experts in the field enhances event marketing effectiveness.
  • Implication: Partnering with specialists guarantees alignment between your audience, objectives, and desired outcomes.
  • Significance: This strategic alliance results in heightened quality and efficiency within the crowded event marketing landscape.

Our events were attended by leaders of Fortune 500 companies

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