The Future of Productivity: Navigating the GenAI Frontier

Tuesday 19 March 2024

17:30 – 22:00 CDT

SĒR Steak + Spirits, Dallas


The Future of Productivity: Navigating the GenAI Frontier

In the evolving digital landscape, the integration of Generative AI across hybrid and multi-cloud environments is reshaping the way data is managed and utilized, highlighting the importance of data proximity and regulatory compliance. This transformation necessitates robust AI governance frameworks to ensure the safety and reliability of AI systems in complex operational contexts.

Emphasizing responsible AI practices and the lifecycle governance of AI technologies is crucial for building trust and facilitating the ethical use of AI. Furthermore, GenAI is significantly boosting productivity by enabling advancements in various domains, including virtual assistance, coding, and operational orchestration. By enhancing capacity, streamlining code creation, and improving quality, GenAI accelerates the modernization process, unlocking new avenues for efficiency and innovation in the digital era.

  • How does the implementation of GenAI in hybrid and multicloud environments address challenges related to data proximity and regulatory compliance?
  • What strategies can be employed to ensure effective governance and safety of AI technologies across their lifecycle in complex operational environments?
  • In what ways can GenAI contribute to enhancing productivity, particularly through advancements in coding and operational efficiency, and how does this drive modernization efforts?

Join leaders interested in exploring the forefront of technological innovation as they navigate the complexities of GenAI integration in hybrid and multi-cloud environments, advocate for robust AI governance to ensure safety and ethical practices, and leverage AI to significantly enhance productivity and accelerate business modernization.

Job titles may include CIO, CTO, Head/VP/Director of IT and Technology, and other senior decision-makers.



EVP and Global Head, Cloud Native & AI Labs at HCLTech

Alan Flower is the Executive Vice President and Global Head of Cloud Native & AI Labs at HCLTech. He is an experienced technology and business leader. He brings global experience driving innovation, growth and differentiation for technology-led companies. With a strong focus on hands-on execution, he has proven global leadership skills in product, software engineering and technology strategy. He is a global leader in Cloud Native, driving cloud-enabled transformation.




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Presentation from HCLTech and IBM: “The Future of Productivity: Navigating the GenAI Frontier”


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