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The Future of Workplace Productivity: Emerging Trends in AI and Communication

May 16, 2024

11:00 am – 2:00 pm GMT+8


The Topic

The Future of Workplace Productivity: Emerging Trends in AI and Communication

In today’s enterprise landscape, the integration of AI and communication technologies into daily workflows signifies a shift towards enhanced efficiency and collaboration. This evolution leverages a flexible ecosystem that seamlessly integrates with external tools, facilitating productivity across all devices and enabling work beyond traditional confines. AI-powered features are embedded within products, automating tasks such as search, summarisation, scheduling, and email composition, aiming to bolster creativity and productivity.

This technological convergence is designed to reduce manual effort in communication and information management, supporting a dynamic environment where teamwork and innovation thrive. The move towards AI-enhanced workflows underscores a broader trend in business: harnessing technology to optimise operations and foster a balance between innovation and the human aspects of work.

Here’s what you can expect at this masterclass:

· Navigate the complexities of embedding AI and communication technologies into existing systems, focusing on compatibility, user adaptation, and maintaining productivity during transition phases.

· Outline effective strategies for adopting new technologies to ensure smooth implementation and minimal disruption.

· Explore how unified communication tools can enhance teamwork by enabling seamless interaction across different devices and locations, highlighting case studies of successful integration.

· Delve into the specific ways AI can automate routine tasks illustrating with real-world examples the time savings and productivity boosts achieved.

· Learn about the advancements in AI and communication technologies, discussing potential impacts on workplace dynamics, productivity, and the evolution of remote and hybrid work models.

The Speakers

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The Agenda

11:00 AM | Registration, Networking, and Drinks Reception

11:30 AM | Welcoming address by The Ortus Club

11:35 AM | Presentation from Zoom

11:50 AM | Panel Discussion and Q&A

12:50 PM | Closing Remarks

12:50 PM | Short Demo by Zoom

1:00 PM | Lunch and Networking

2:00 PM | Guests normally start leaving

Why Attend?

Join leaders interested in harnessing the transformative power of AI and communication technologies to revolutionise workplace productivity, collaboration, and innovation.

Job titles may include CIO, CTO, CDO, COO, Chief Innovation Officer, Chief Transformation Officer, Head of Information Management, Head of Technology, Head of Innovation, Head of Applications, Head of DevOps, Head of AppSec, Head of Infrastructure, Head of Cloud, Head of IT Operations, Head of Operations, and other senior decision-makers.

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