The Rise of Bespoke Events in B2B: The Ortus Club’s Insights from the Marketing Leaders’ Roundtable Discussion in Singapore

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The Ortus Club recently hosted an intimate and thoughtful roundtable discussion for the leading minds in B2B marketing in Singapore. The aim? To provide marketing leaders with a platform to strengthen relationships in the marketing community and stay at the forefront of the event marketing conversations that shape the future of this exciting industry.

Singapore, April 4, 2024—Held against the vibrant backdrop of Keyaki Restaurant at Pan Pacific Singapore, The Ortus Club hosted a roundtable discussion event for marketing leaders based in Singapore and in charge of the region or even global efforts to delve into the evolving landscape of event marketing.

The trend in B2B marketing is clear: the future of events lies in personalisation, customisation and the creation of close-knit experiences that cater specifically to each participant. This has been true for years in B2C but has become just as important in B2B.

What happened at The Ortus Club’s exclusive knowledge-sharing event?

The Ortus Club’s event began with a welcome address by co-founder Jess Circi, setting the tone for an evening of sophisticated networking and insightful discussions. As attendees took their seats, event cards greeted them with a bespoke message narrating each guest’s highly-valued relationship with The Ortus Club.

The evening commenced with a sake-tasting session hosted by Keyaki, where guests were treated to a selection of premier sakes, such as Ippaku Suisei Junmai Daiginjyo, Nanbu Bijin Tokubetsu Junmai, and Shinomine Karakuchi Junmaki, paired perfectly with their sashimi starters.


“It’s great to be back in Singapore after so many years. My last time here was actually in 2020, right before the pandemic. Many have been asking me what changes I have noticed about Singapore since pre-pandemic times, but nothing drastic comes to mind. What has drastically changed, though, is B2B events marketing.”—Samuel Adcock


Co-founder Samuel Adcock then moderated the event into its core focus, moderating a dynamic discussion among the marketing leaders. He posed critical questions that resonated deeply with the event’s theme of personalisation and innovation in event marketing. The conversation underscored the evolving nature of bespoke events, emphasising the importance of direct engagement and the creation of meaningful connections in achieving successful marketing outcomes.

The questions included inquiries about their top priorities when organising marketing events, the significant challenges they face in hosting such events, and what they consider the primary mark of a successful event.

This topical discussion facilitated a rich exchange of ideas, allowing guests to share valuable insights and challenge ideas and opinions on various aspects of event marketing.

This was followed by a meticulously curated seven-course menu featuring an array of exquisite dishes. Guests enjoyed Grilled Lobster with Cod Roe Sauce and tomezara, Grilled Wagyu Beef seasoned with Japanese Sanshio Pepper, and a flavourful Sakura Shrimp Clay Pot Rice and tomewan—asari, which provided a delightful blend of textures and tastes. The meal concluded with a comforting Short-neck Clam Miso Soup, which wrapped the dining experience with a traditional touch.

Main insights from the forefront of the B2B marketing evolution

How Can We Blend Traditional and Innovative Strategies to Design Engaging Events?

Traditional marketing tactics are being combined with innovative strategies to create engaging yet knowledge-rich events. These events are designed to resonate on a personal level, emphasising the art of personal touch over technological reliance and underscoring the importance of meticulously crafted content that fosters meaningful connections and vital discussions among attendees.

Is Performance Marketing Being Reevaluated?

A critical theme during the roundtable was the reevaluation of the role of performance marketing. While quick wins and data-driven results have their place, the consensus among marketing executives was clear: focusing solely on metrics can lead to missed opportunities in the depth of relationship-building that bespoke events offer. These smaller, personalised gatherings are not just events; they serve as fertile ground for sowing seeds of long-term business relationships.

How Important is Maximising Event Efforts for Relationship Building?

Industry leaders, including Morgan Katz, Founder of Ticketnology, emphasise the importance of maximising event efforts to build and nurture relationships. Katz points out that experiences offer a more emotional connection between a client and a brand compared to previous trends of providing swag and physical gifts, highlighting the evolving priorities in event marketing.

What is Technology’s Role in Event Marketing?

The adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) and other technologies does not necessarily alter the fundamental execution of events. However, it is instrumental in enhancing the measurement and tracking of return on investment (ROI). This shift allows marketers to justify event expenditures with more precision and adjust strategies based on data-driven insights.

What are the Challenges with Traditional Outreach Methods?

Compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and changes in consumer behaviour, such as aversion to answering calls, have revitalised the importance of marketing-driven lead generation. The role of sales is evolving from closing deals to facilitating the marketing funnel, underscoring the need for strategic integration between marketing and sales efforts.

Do Virtual Events Have a Place in the Future Marketing Plans?

Although currently less popular, virtual events are predicted to regain prominence. These events are beneficial when large groups need to be convened, or budget constraints limit physical venue possibilities. However, selling the concept of virtual roundtables to sales teams remains challenging.

What Are the Main Budget Concerns in Event Marketing?

A recurring theme throughout the discussion was the tightening of budgets, with companies expecting more deliverables for less money. This financial pressure is prompting marketers to creatively leverage small events and technology to achieve better outcomes without proportionate increases in spending.

The Ortus Club: Supporting leaders towards tailored transformations

The Ortus Club’s knowledge-sharing events are essential for executive leaders aiming to maintain a competitive edge in B2B marketing due to the unique combination of expertise and interaction these discussions offer. At the heart of these events is the exclusive gathering of high-calibre professionals, which ensures that discussions are relevant, insightful, and intimate to facilitate a concentrated exchange of ideas.

By attending knowledge-sharing roundtable events hosted by the Ortus Club, professionals gain direct access to successful strategies and real-world insights shared by their peers. This provides inspiration and practical blueprints that can be adapted and implemented in their own contexts. 

The combination of strategic insights, foresight, and valuable networking positions these events as more than just meetings—they are a strategic tool indispensable for anyone looking to drive business forward in the dynamic world of B2B marketing. The Ortus Club has been a leading figure in the exchange of insights and practices to drive collaboration, innovation, and success.

To fulfil their commitment to executive knowledge-sharing, The Ortus Club extends exclusive invitations to its clients to grant them access to premier events hosted in some of the world’s most distinguished venues. At these gatherings, industry leaders converge to engage in deep discussions about pressing trends and explore the development of new practices that honour established traditions.

The Ortus Club provides a neutral, pitch-free environment that creates a relaxed atmosphere for decision-makers to come together and share their experiences on specific topics. To learn more about how you can host your event or attend one of our knowledge-sharing roundtables, visit The Ortus Club website.


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