Visa Lead the Charge Against Fraud Along with Sydney's Payments and IT leaders

The Ortus Club and Visa hosted a roundtable on the strategies, technologies, and trends shaping Australia’s fraud landscape s

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Visa’s Sydney roundtable

Visa gathered leaders in the payments, IT, and fraud in Sydney, Australia for a roundtable discussion on ‘From AI to Fraud: Building a 360-degree Fraud and Disputes Strategy’. Here, experts and senior executives in the aforementioned fields shared their thoughts, challenges, and experiences on the growing challenge of preventing fraud and safeguarding consumers.

The roundtable comprised an impressive collection of leaders interested in shaping the future of secure digital transactions by pioneering advanced fraud prevention strategies and fostering a culture of trust and transparency in the ecommerce ecosystem.

The topic

From AI to Fraud: Building a 360-degree Fraud and Disputes Strategy

In the digital age, fraud emerges as a pervasive challenge, eroding the foundational trust between consumers and businesses. The aftermath of fraudulent activities necessitates sophisticated post-purchase strategies that extend beyond mere transactional safeguards. Ensuring protection against different types of fraud such as friendly fraud remains as top priority for merchants. But what can be done to develop a comprehensive fraud management strategy?

Fraud strategies today encompass the deployment of cutting-edge technologies for fraud detection, leveraging data analytics and artificial intelligence to identify and mitigate risks proactively. There are different fraud strategies that merchants can integrate at every stage of the transaction lifecycle, both pre-authorization and post-purchase.

  • How are leaders today gaining more control over friendly fraud and dispute management while enhancing CX?
  • What best practices regarding Compelling Evidence 3.0 should companies today be implementing and how will these impact businesses?
  • How to build a 360-degree fraud and disputes strategy to be ready for the increasing digital world?

The participants

A select group of 13 Australian fraud and IT leaders, at the forefront of their fields, came together for a roundtable discussion. These individuals are shaping the future of work within their organizations, exploring how modern technologies can combat fraud and safeguard customers.

Attendees include:

  • Head of Transformation Risk at Allianz Australia
  • Group General Manager, CX at Crown Resorts
  • Head of Business Architecture at IAG
  • Head of IT at Ksubi
  • CISO of Linkly
  • Head of Digital and EcoSystems – Cyber Security and Technology Risk at Woolworths Group

The venue

Our roundtable discussion took place amidst the elegance and unparalleled views offered by O Bar and Dining. Perched atop the iconic Australia Square Tower on level 47, this venue wasn’t just a backdrop, it was an experience in itself.

O Bar and Dining isn’t just about the views, though. The atmosphere was sophisticated yet inviting, with a subtle buzz of conversation and the clinking of glasses. It provided the perfect balance of intimacy for our focused discussion, yet still exuded a touch of grandeur.

The results

The roundtable fueled by the breathtaking Sydney backdrop proved to be a breeding ground for innovative ideas and a united front against the evolving threat of fraud.

The impressive collection of leaders gathered at O Bar and Dining represented a microcosm of the collective effort needed to safeguard the future of digital transactions. Their shared passion for creating a secure and frictionless ecommerce experience for consumers was palpable, and the roundtable discussions served as a springboard for future collaboration and innovation in the fight against fraud.

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