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Virtual and in-person roundtables are hosted for senior executives and decision-makers (8-12 people), who come together to network and share insights on specific business topics. 


Masterclasses are larger events where a group of experts is selected as panelists to lead the discussion and guests (up to 40 people) are given the opportunity to gain guidance, ask questions and receive support.

Event FAQs

The Ortus Club events are strictly invitation-only. If you have not received an invitation via email or LinkedIn but are interested in attending an event featured on our website, please complete the registration form on that specific page. The Ortus team will consider your profile for attendance and contact you shortly.

If you’ve been invited to an event, the following steps are:

  1. Registration. Our events have a limited capacity so, if you have received an invite, we kindly ask you to register to confirm your place as soon as possible. You can do this on the event page.
  2. Confirmation and details. Once you register, you will receive a confirmation email from our team to confirm your attendance. You will also receive a calendar invite and a guide on how to access the event, whether it be virtual or in-person.
  3. Reminders and special requests. In the final days leading up to the event, our team will contact you with a reminder. In addition, we will make sure we have any extra information required, such as dietary requirements for in-person events or your postal address if the event includes a virtual experience.
  4. Welcome and introductions. Before the knowledge-sharing discussion begins, you will be welcomed into the private space and introduced to your fellow peers.
  5. Networking post-event. Once the knowledge-sharing has come to a close, The Ortus Club is on hand to facilitate any formal introductions and networking opportunities among those who attended the event. 

If you have any questions about the event you have been invited to, you can contact our team by responding to your invitation, or email [email protected]

The Ortus Club curates both in-person and virtual roundtable events. These roundtables bring together thought leaders and professionals in specific industries to discuss pressing issues and ideas that affect their role, industry, or company. Discussions take place in a pitch-free environment. 

Virtual Roundtables

Virtual roundtables are online events that bring together 8-12 senior professionals. These online discussions last for about 1-hour and are guided by a professional moderator who drives engagement and keeps the discussion on track. 

In-Person Roundtables

In-person roundtables are physical events made up of around 12 attendees. These in-person discussions can last anywhere from 1hour 30 minutes to 3 hours and usually take place over breakfast, lunch, or dinner, in the most exclusive high-dining venues around the world. Like the virtual roundtables, the discussions are guided by a professional moderator.

The Ortus Club curates both in-person and virtual masterclass events.

Virtual Masterclasses

Virtual masterclasses are online targeted forums headed by a group of panelists who are experts in a relevant field. They are designed to be informative events where challenges can be addressed by the experts who aim to provide guests with targeted solutions. During the event, attendees are divided into smaller virtual rooms with an expert present to guide the problem-solving discussion.

Virtual masterclasses are made up of 15+ attendees. They last for about 1hour 15 minutes.

In-Person Masterclasses

In-person masterclasses follow a similar format and are physical events that are led by specialist panelists. In-person masterclasses are also made up of 15+ attendees and last for about 2 hours. In-person masterclasses usually take place over breakfast, lunch, or dinner, in the most exclusive high-dining venues around the world. 

No cost is involved in attending an event.

The events are very targeted to keep them relevant and valuable for all attendees, which is why all of our events are by private invitation only.

If you’ve received an event invite and have any questions, contact us, and we will be happy to assist.

Our events are strictly by invitation-only. We do, however, receive requests from senior decision-makers who have heard about our events and wish to attend. Should their profile be a good fit for the discussion, we happily consider them for attendance. If you know someone who would like to attend, please encourage them to register for the event directly through the event page, and our team will consider their profile. 

If you’ve received an event invite and have any questions, contact us, and we will be happy to assist.

Ortus guest reviews


Sarah Lewen

CXO, Talkspace

“Thanks for including me. I really enjoyed the discussion and learning with a thoughtful group of leaders. Looking forward to more to come!”


Ali Shariat

CIO, Health Authority

“Thanks to The Ortus Club and to Google Chrome Enterprise. It was great to attend such an engaging event. I had to cancel a meeting to stay longer.”


Vinay Tyagi

VP Technology, Vodafone

“Thank you The Ortus Club for arranging such an informative knowledge sharing session.”


Megan Brown

VP Marketing, Automat

“Thank you for the invite! This was a great session and loved the format and share of invaluable information. Looking forward to the next one!”


Niall O'Sullivan

CFO, Datalex

“Valuable to spend time with other CFOs to see how the new way of working is impacting how finance needs to assess risk. Thanks for putting the group together.”


John Pastor


“Thank you for the invite – learned a lot from the roundtable and it was great to meet the industry experts as well! Keep up the good work that you do!”

What to expect

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