Increasing Attendance Rates for Virtual Events in 2022

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Despite a series of unfortunate global events, companies have adapted to uncertainty, and virtual events are now staples in overall business strategies. Pre-pandemic, virtual events were seen only as options for conducting seminars and conferences. With innovative technologies, businesses can maximise this treasure trove of a channel and reap limitless rewards.

Yet, as 2022 unfolds, attracting and retaining a sizable audience remains a challenge for many. With a plethora of events vying for attention and screen-time fatigue setting in, how can organisers host virtual events to tip the scales in their favour? This blog discusses strategies and insights geared towards elevating attendance rates in hosting virtual events to maximise virtual engagement and unlock the full potential of digital gatherings.

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Virtual event statistics

According to a recent marketing study, 46% of respondents anticipate hosting more virtual events in 2022. This points to a potential increase in online attendees, depending on the lull of COVID surges. Additionally, guests have become more selective about where they want to go, opting for more intimate networking and knowledge-sharing events. Organisers who host virtual events are increasingly realising its appeal in curating content, experiences, and accessibility. 

Pre-pandemic attendees would find it challenging to attend in-person events due to time constraints, accommodations, and potential health risks. Fortunately, hosting virtual events makes it possible for guests to participate in the comfort of their own homes and with little to no effort in preparing for the event. Moreover, the lower production costs result in more affordable prices for paying audiences.

Boosting attendance rates in virtual events

Virtual event attendance is at its peak. Despite the so-called “Zoom fatigue” phenomenon and a supposed lack of engagement, guests continue to attend and stay to learn more. Online settings have redefined accessibility, making it easier than ever to connect and host virtual events. 

The Ortus Club has made the most of this opportunity, curating and hosting virtual events to keep audiences engaged with thought-provoking topics, knowledgeable speakers, and immersive experiences. One of the ways they build on their offering is through unique add-ons that help foster engagement and improve post-event networking for online guests.

Live mind maps

One of The Ortus Club’s best-featured virtual add-ons, when they host virtual events, is sketchnoting. A live illustrator captures key points raised during the discussion in real-time. The result is an informative and comprehensive mind map for the host and attendees alike. Additionally, this helps maintain the focus on and increase the retention of any knowledge shared. It is even a great conversation starter as guests see their thoughts transformed into exciting visual aids.


Curated insights

A favourite add-on for companies with in-depth discussions is having a post-event report. Curated insights document the most important points and are useful for measuring progress. They serve as a record for guests to drive action and accountability.

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Food and drink tastings

The Ortus Club also offers tastings as a staple when they host virtual events to help guests prepare for the discussion to take place. Most importantly, it gives interested participants yet another reason to join the proceedings, increasing retention and attendance rates. Guests are treated to a guided program with a sommelier they can also enjoy whiskey, tea, and chocolate tastings, in addition to virtual catering for breakfast and lunch, and gourmet hampers sent straight to the attendees’ doorsteps.

How to boost your virtual event engagement?

The future of virtual events

With the rise in online attendance for virtual events, many companies that host virtual events are investing in web conferencing software and, consequently, demanding more localised and curated content throughout the year. These virtual events have given businesses more flexibility when pursuing their business goals, raising the potential for success.

How does this define the future of virtual events? Hybrid strategies are now on the rise, proving invaluable to forward-thinking organisations. By combining both virtual and physical events, companies that host virtual events are exploring new avenues of growth and other untold opportunities.

Host virtual Events and Ensure Success For 2022 With The Ortus Club

The emphasis on maximizing virtual event attendance has never been more pressing. In a world still grappling with the nuances of digital engagement, it’s evident that success lies in understanding and adapting to ever-evolving participant needs. Looking ahead, the spotlight is on businesses that host virtual events that prioritise the attendee experience and remain agile in their approach. 

The Ortus Club is an event and marketing agency specialising in virtual and physical events for c-level executives with knowledge-sharing discussions. They gather business leaders in the right environment to build meaningful relationships while converting about industry-specific topics.


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