Webex and The Ortus Club Hosts Parisian Roundtable on the New Frontier of Customer Experience

Leading CX Executives Convene at Suite Akira Back to Discuss Strategies for Empowering Customers








Webex’s Paris roundtable

Webex and The Ortus Club hosted a dynamic roundtable discussion in Paris for 15 leading CX and Customer Service executives in France’s B2C space. Held at the prestigious Suite Akira Back within the famed Prince de Galles hotel, the evening focused on a critical topic: “Harnessing Data & Technology: The New Frontier of Empowering Customer Experiences.”

The topic

Harnessing Data & Technology: The New Frontier of Empowering Customer

Experiences The customer service landscape has witnessed a transformative shift, moving far beyond the confines of the traditional contact center to embrace a wide array of digital channels. In this experience-driven era, businesses must recognize that contact centers are not merely the only hub for customer interaction. Customers demand seamless engagement across digital platforms and expect personalized service, viewing contact centers as their primary touchpoint.

A contact center is not just an operational necessity; it’s a primary gateway between businesses and their customers. While modern companies are inundated with customer data, effectively harnessing it remains a challenge. By integrating modern technologies, such as cognitive collaboration and data analytics, businesses can shape a contact center that doesn’t just envision the future but actively constructs it. Today, empowering customer experiences are not about setting lofty goals or overhauling systems alone but leveraging current capabilities to exceed customer expectations in an interconnected world.

How are digital channels reshaping the traditional role of contact centers?

What technological solutions can modern businesses integrate to optimize customer data?

How can contact centers balance the demands of personalization and scalability in an experience-driven economy?

The participants

The roundtable brought together 15 distinguished leaders representing a diverse range of industries. These executives shared their vast experiences and unique perspectives on leveraging data and technology to enhance customer journeys. This collective expertise ensured a rich and multifaceted discussion.

Attendees include:

  • Senior Advisor to the CEO at Air France
  • IT Director, France & Western Europe at Coface
  • Managing Director of Generali Global
  • Global Head of Digital at Sodexo
  • Executive Director of Supplier Products at Accor

The venue

Suite Akira Back seamlessly blends Japanese design principles with contemporary Parisian flair. The overall effect was an ambiance that was both sophisticated and inviting, perfect for stimulating conversation while enjoying a delectable meal. With cuisine curated by Michelin-starred chef Akira Back, even the menu mirrored the theme of the roundtable by offering a unique fusion experience. This innovative approach echoed the discussion’s focus on harnessing data and technology for a more personalized and enriching customer experience.

Tucked away discreetly within the Prince de Galles, Suite Akira Back provided the ultimate privacy for the roundtable. This allowed participants to openly share their experiences and engage in frank discussions without worry of outside ears or interruption. The intimate setting fostered a sense of camaraderie amongst the CX leaders, encouraging a more collaborative and thought-provoking exchange of ideas.

The luxurious ambiance, the innovative cuisine, and the private setting all worked together to create an environment that inspired insightful conversations and empowered CX leaders to explore new frontiers in customer experience.

The results

The Ortus Club roundtable served as a catalyst for innovation, sparking a renewed focus on harnessing the power of data and technology to empower customers. The energy and enthusiasm of the participating CX leaders bode well for the future of customer experience, leaving all attendees eager to implement the valuable insights gleaned from the evening’s discussions.

The Ortus Club remains committed to fostering these meaningful dialogues and looks forward to hosting future events that continue to shape the future of customer experience. Stay tuned for upcoming events where we’ll delve deeper into this critical topic and explore new frontiers in CX!

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