Why B2B Marketers Trust The Ortus Club to Host Roundtable Discussions

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In today’s dynamic B2B landscape, securing meaningful engagement from top executives can be a significant challenge. Traditional marketing tactics often fall short, failing to capture the attention of busy decision-makers. This is where The Ortus Club steps in. We have built a reputation as a trusted partner for the world’s leading B2B companies by consistently delivering unforgettable roundtable discussions that ignite powerful connections and drive tangible results.

Our success hinges on a core understanding: executives crave insightful conversations with their peers, a platform to exchange ideas and navigate shared challenges. Roundtable discussions, expertly facilitated and meticulously curated, provide the perfect environment for this type of high-value interaction.

Why Leading B2B Marketers Choose The Ortus Club

There are several key factors that differentiate The Ortus Club from other event marketing agencies. Here’s a deeper dive into what makes us the ideal partner for your B2B roundtable discussions:

1. Niche Expertise

Our specialisation in roundtables makes us experts in fostering engagement. We know exactly how to create an environment where every participant feels comfortable contributing, leading to dynamic and insightful discussions.

2. End-to-end service and transparent pricing

Enjoy a hassle-free experience with our end-to-end service. We handle everything, from concept development to post-event follow-up, with no hidden costs.

3. The right audience, every time

Our targeted approach ensures you connect with the ideal participants for your goals. We leverage our extensive network and meticulous research to curate the perfect guest list for each event. Being specialised in events makes us more likely to attract the right audience in a relaxed and pitch-free environment.

4. Bespoke research

Rather than over-relying on our existing database, we conduct research from scratch (predominantly on LinkedIn) to gather the contacts of your target audience, no matter the sector.

5. Follow-up meetings, measurable ROI

We take complete ownership of the follow-up process, ensuring every single roundtable event translates into measurable and tangible ROI for your team’s needs.

6. Tailored events designed to impress

We’ve seen it all! Our experience allows us to create unique and memorable corporate events that reflect your brand while remaining neutral and fostering open discussion.

7. Relevant and impactful topic curation

Our deep understanding of topical discussions ensures we craft compelling content that resonates with your audience. You can count on us to spark relevant and engaging conversations as we dedicate our time analysing trending topics and adding a twist to them to spark curiosity.

8. Engaging moderation expertise

We know what it takes to curate a good conversation and how to get the audience engaged no matter how shy Our experienced moderators possess the skills to curate meaningful conversations. They keep participants engaged, regardless of their personality types, ensuring everyone’s voice is heard.

9. Global reach and multilingual support

No matter the location or language, The Ortus Club has a global presence and an international team as well as an extensive network worldwide. We’ve successfully hosted events in numerous countries and cities, catering to diverse audiences from Tokyo to Sao Paolo and from Paris to Seoul.

10. Dedicated event specialists

A dedicated account manager will be your point person, collaborating with our project coordinators and teams of experts to ensure the success of your event from start to finish and providing you with the attention you deserve.

11. Unparalleled speed

We work quickly and efficiently, delivering results within a 5-7 week timeframe. We’re confident in our ability to meet your deadlines without compromising quality and won’t believe anyone who can do it faster than us!

12. Guaranteed guest satisfaction and attendance rate

See it for yourself! Our guests consistently rave about their experiences with The Ortus Club. This is because we personalize every single interaction with our participants and continuously go the extra mile! Our meticulous attention to detail contributes to the overall positive experience we deliver.


Ensure success by Working with The Ortus Club Today

Roundtable discussions offer a unique and valuable opportunity to connect with high-level executives, foster meaningful dialogue, and generate tangible results for your B2B brand. The Ortus Club stands out as the ideal partner for your roundtable needs. Our expertise, combined with our commitment to personalized service, global reach, and exceptional speed, ensures that your event is a resounding success.

Ready to ignite powerful connections and drive real business outcomes? Contact The Ortus Club today and discover how we can help you achieve your event marketing goals.

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