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Hosting in-person executive roundtable events provides you and your company with a unique opportunity to meet the right niche group of people you want to create b2b relationships with. 


Executive masterclasses position you and your company as leading experts in the topic up for discussion. In addition, these larger-scale events allow you to directly present solutions to decision-makers who need your help.

Why they work


Although we can host different types of events, Ortus specialise in knowledge-sharing events. These can be roundtables or masterclasses that engage the right audience based on the topic selected by The Ortus Club and you, the host.  

Targeted Guesting

Unlike many corporate events, you won’t waste time focusing on the wrong people or not getting in front of the right ones. The Ortus Club’s guesting process is highly refined and targeted to ensure the people you really want to meet are at your event.

Neutral Invitations

Guests are invited by Ortus, not the host. The goal of each event is to allow your target market to discuss a relevant topic, with you and The Ortus Club team taking note. The event is not a sales-pitch, but you are at the centre of the discussion.


Ortus partner with the best private dining rooms in the world that provide elegant settings and impeccable table service. 

Measurable ROI

After the event takes place, The Ortus Club schedules one-on-one meetings between you and the event guests. The relationship has already been established and the onus passes to your team to build the b2b relationships. 

Client reviews

mark maresch

Mark Maresch

Director EMEA, Tradeshift

“Thank you Karsten Lund and The Ortus Club – Executive Knowledge Sharing for your support and to all those who joined us. Great discussion!”

brodie caverhill

Brodie Caverhill

Business Development, Ada

“Such open and honest dialogue from these industry leaders. Thank you all for sharing your experiences and always looking to improve, learn, and grow!”

Geana Barbosa

Geana Barbosa

Head of SEA, Asana

“It was great to hear directly from leaders in Singapore on what is top of mind at the moment and validate our mission of enabling a more sustainable way of working.”

raghu prasad

Raghu Prasad

VP APAC & Japan, Workday

“Some great insights and real-life examples from the technologists at this event. Thanks all, for an invigorating session.”

Lauren Watson Legl

Lauren Watson

Director of Legal Partnerships, Legl

“I really enjoyed the discussion! Some great insights into the challenges of change management. Thanks so much to everyone who attended, and thanks to the The Ortus Club for organising the event.”

To find out more, download our event brochure.

To find out more, download our event brochure.

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